Friday, July 16, 2010

Tiger Team (5)

With the team members of the Tiger Team completed I started to work on the deck officer of the ATHENA.
For this I selected a Tank Commander torso, a pointing arm, and one of the officer heads.

With some chopping, cutting and glueing he slowly came together.

He's now ready for some major sculpting with GS.

The Vox Caster in the chopper received his head

and is looking veeeery cool.

Another character for the scene is a maintenance soldier, holding a hose ... could be fuel, auxilary power ... whatever.

Speaking of auxilary power and the like...
I decied to build a deck vehicle that can pull the planes from the elevator to launch position, as well as provide aux power and the like...

So I assembled some wheels and left-over tracks.

and build a steam powered little vehicle...the "Hooker" :)

Actually it's more a kit bash than a scratch build, but it really serves the purpose.

Then it was time for a staging test of the scene on the ATHENA:

With this I started to arrange the characters on a sheet of plasticard.

I'm not sure if it will really be the final postition, but it's a start to see how they all fit together.

I need to make sure that no item really blocks sight to any of the other items, so that will be quite a challenge.

Once I knew the approximate position of the "Hooker" to the other characters I began to build the operator.

With a steampunk type handle/bar and a steering wheel.

Like some forklifts the driver will be up front, but standing sideways, so he can easily see front and end of the vehicle...

Well, that's it for today :)
If you have some suggestion on how to better position the individual characters, as well as any other C&C: fire it off - it is welcome and apreciated.