Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tiger Team (4)

Next on the character list was the rifleman with a similar pose as this guy here:

So I chopped several hands and arms and arranged them to this pose.

At the same time I started with a head for him, using a Catachan pilot and a Elysian respirator mask.

Then mounted them on a customized set of legs.

While these pieces cured, I started on the pilots head - there's no pilot without proper shades, is there?

So he got some nice Ray Bens.

Some minor GS for the masked guy.

Then the pilots bag received its details.

GS for the riflemans arms.

Then I started the next guy, who will be sitting in the door of the chopper.

The team on Saturday evening.

Next on the list was the Grenadier, armed with a rifle mounted greande launcher.
For this I customized another set of legs.

Just a minor (feet) change, but from a run to a walk.

Then he received his torso, carrying his rifle and an ammo box.

After the GS was cured I mounted the head on the first rifleman.

As well as the head on the pilot.

The third rifleman is a rather straight conversion, not much GS needed here.

The grenadiers head

with the Elysian helmet.

And mounted.

Looks like he's cursing since he's got to carry all the stuff :)

Then I sclupted some flashes and eagles for the shoulder pads.

I created some grenades for the grenadier (using the same technique as for the rockets)

And mounted them :)

Finally I did the head for the rifleman in the chopper door.

He's also going to be the vox caster.

Not quite the "Dirty Dozen", but a cool team.

There's still a lot of cleanup to do, the vox's head to mount, some kneepads, ammo pouches etc.
After that it will be another 1 or 2 guys for the deck crew...