Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Achtung Tiger!

Some of you may recall the first post about the little Space Chopper and the plan I had for it:

The plan is to have it painted black, with maybe a tiger image on the fuselage,
while the Tiger Team will be in complete Dencarian Camo.

I found an absolutely wonderful and gorgeous image of a tigers face via google search and so I started to scetch out the tigers face on the fuselagewith pencil.

Then I used Snot Green as base color for the eyes.

Scab Red for the mouth and tounge.

Tanned Flesh for the nose and gum.

I used a 1:1 mix of Tallarn Flesh and Solar Orange as base for the orange hair.

And with Fortress Grey I layed down the base for the white hair.

I used Bleached Bone for the teeth,

and then used Chaos Black for all the black areas.

With the base colors down, I started to do the shading.
Adding Scorched Brown to the previous Tallarn/Orange mix.

Then Gnarlok Green for a lighter area of the eyes, as well as a darkened (with Scorched Brown) Snot Green for the darker areas of the eyes.

Then I added Bubonic Brown to the original Tallarn/Orange mix for the orange highlights.

And a 1:1 mix of Skull White and Fortress Grey for the highlights of the white hair, as well as the first spotlights on the nose and eyes.

Finally I used pure Skull White for the whiskers, teeth highlights, as well as the final spotlights on the tounge, lips and eyes.

I think this looks quite nice, dosen't it?

Eventhough I don't really fancy the idea of repeating it on the other side...

But now that I have it started....sigh....and I think the result is quite worth the effort.
I hope you like it.