Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ogryn Bodyguard (2)

Not much to report today.
I added the pike to the helmet, as well as the band that's running around the helmet (how's that called anyway?).
Then I started to sculpt the two hands - the right hand holding the double Chainsword and the left hand holding the bannerpole. Then I started to do the right boot, which starts to look OK and did some more filling and felshing out on the rest of the body.
So no photo to show any progress.
As Craig at Cadian 8th ( ) pointed out, Scibor has some cool (I mean really cool) Ogryns for sale. Check them out:
And while you're at it, look at Otto von Bigsmark ( http://sciborminiatures.com/en_,shop.php?art=693 ). He's wearing a nice nametag.
I will try to use that too.
Well, and this brings me to the poll.
What name would you give my Ogryn bodyguard?
Fritz and Emil would be typical German ones, fitting hte steampunk and pike helmet theme.
Rex would fit like a German Shepard dog - so the bodyguard for Little Lenin.
Ajax, Hektor, and Paris are Greek heros, so fitting the Dei Greci theme, and probably also the pet theme :-)
So, lets vote.
If you have a better idea, post it in the comments.
I look forward to your replies.