Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Steampunk Infantry (2)

Thanks for all the positive comments.
I continued with my steampunked infantry and started to build an officer. He will be standing behind the autocanon gunner (hand on his shoulder).
Currently he's wearing a special chest armor - inspired by the Krieg chest armor.

The powersword is of plasticard. Despite it looking rather large, it has the exact same size as the standard powersword of a Kommisar.

He still needs a lot of cleanup, but since he'll also wear a longcoat, there's still plenty to cover and plenty of time.

As you can see, I shaved off the boots, as well as part of the trousers, so I have room for higher gaiters.

While the GS cured, I mounted yesterdays heads on the soldiers.

And the first diorama shot (sans the officer):

Here the probing of the dead Ork.
"Is he really dead?"

The yelling scene:
"Hey, whaddaya doin'? Smokin'? Fer gods sake shoot them Orks!"

Not that the tanker really cares.

I really like how the helmets turned out - especially those little "streamers". I think they are a really nice addition.

GS cured, so I continued with the officer.
He was issued a "power monocle" :-P

I also added some wristbands that will be part of the coat.

And the trousers received some decoration (dunno how these stripes are called).

That's where I left of last night, so the GS can cure - most likely I'll do the gaiters next.


  1. Looks really great. Any tips for working with GS on such a small scale like faces? I'm intending to model a rebreather on a mini but I struggling to get smooth surfaces and edges.

  2. These guys just keep looking better and better!