Friday, April 3, 2009

Steampunk Infantry (4)

Just a small update today.
Yesterday was a beautifull spring day and we had some beergarden action in the afternoon, and later my wife and I watched the first two episodes of "Fringe" - yeah, that was OK, the series has potential :-)

Anyhow, I continued with the officers longcoat.

To me it looks as if I managed a rather dynamic, yet natural flow of the coat. What do you say?

Also I'm pretty pleased that the structure of the document protector I used to roll the GS flat gave the coat a slightly leathery structure.

Since the pieces have to cure again, I worked on "Little-Lenin".
His cap now received a proper front shield.

I think it is the right size to make the cap look commisar-ish enough, and also make the whole appearance look more serous.

The cap will now receive a small rim, s skull or eagle at the front, plus some ornaments on the front shield - but of course it has to cure first.
So, that's it for today - another beautifull, sunny day, so I don't know how much time I will spend tonight in my "office" and work on them.


  1. I just discovered your site and may I say...

    You are awe inspiring my friend. What you do with Green Stuff is simply amazing. I love the many photos you display too so that a novice such as I can attempt to follow along.

  2. Nice Greenstuffing as usual...

    Beergarden? May I assume there is beer in it? A nice day and a garden full of beer sounds like a great idea. I may have to buy some beer and sit out by the pool!

  3. He's looking quite dashing. Are you going to be smoothing the jacket into the sleeves at all? It may just be the green stuff, but it looks like he has a short sleeved leather jacket with a shirt on underneath... :D

    I'm loving your work on the commissar so far - can't wait to see how he turns out.

  4. Beergarden,
    yes something typical German/European. You sit outside of a cafe or restaurant or pub, beneath some tree, enjoy the beautifull weather and sip something cool - preferably beer, German beer that is :-P

    Of course during the day time you can also exchange the beer-garden with a street-cafe and simply sip a Latte Machiato, but beer-garden is more fun.
    Cheers and a lovely weekend