Monday, April 20, 2009

Steampunk Infantry (6)

Hehe, looks as if most of you like Little Lenin just as much as I do.
This morning I had to pass by my workbench since I forgot something there last night, and I couldn't help than to spare a glance at the ZEUS scene.
LL really fills the scene with the proudly swollen (chuffy) chest :)

Also I want to thank TheInnerGeek again, for recomending "Disqus" - this little plug-in for blogger works miracles when tracking replies and comments! Thanks :)

OK, but here's an update:
I worked on the wounded/medic scene some more.
The medic has a rather large bag (from an dold Tamiya kit) as well as he's holding an infusion for the wounded.

The shoulder of the wounded is allready patched up while he's holding a bandage to his tigh. The boots still need the gaiters.

Here you have abetter look at the schoulder patch.

And now, the newest project of the scene!
The Ogryn bodyguard:

I used an Tamiya 1:35 tankers head as base (nothing visible anymore) and started greenstuffing.

I started with the yawline and chin
Then the lower lip
upper lip
then the rest of the head
I placed a regular IG helmet (with the sides shaved off and then bent outwards) on top and I added some scars.

For the actual body I used also a 1:35 Tamiya figurine that I modified to fit the position I want. The position is similar to the 2004 GD winner Ogryn (just mirrored) and he's going to stand right behind LL - almost embracing him.
In the left hand he's gonna hold a banner or flag and in the right he's gonna hold a chainsword.
From the original figurine I removed part of the lower leg (actually the complete gaiter) to simulate the large upper body and rather short legs.

Then I started to flesh out the body with greenstuff.
Still a long way to go :)

If you have any good suggestions for the bodyguard - armor, uniform, name! - let me hear it.
I look forward to your comments.