Monday, April 13, 2009

Steampunk Motorcycle (4)

Hmm, so most of you don't like the idea of a tail and rear fins?
Here's a first image.

Now it balanced, staying perfectly level.

I admit it has now something of a Ork gyrocopter....
Anyhow, I have to redo the whole thing, as I made a major mistake yesterday (after I took this image), so here's the chance for your vote :-P
So, should my SP-bike have a tail or not?


  1. I vote no. I think it is going to rock either way, but there is my vote :)

  2. No is my vote. I really think it looks better without. In terms of balance, I know you're going for realism but if you fix it to a base cant you just stick it in place in a balanced pose?

  3. No tail. When that thing is zipping along it would balance itself, no need for the tail.

    As you said, the tail makes it look like an Ork Deff Kopta, or a Dwarf Gyrocopter. Neither of those look incredibly fast or durable.

  4. Eh, I think the tail is just fine. There's plenty you can do to it to make it look more IG-like and less orky.

  5. Hmmm...4:2 against the tail *sigh*
    OK, so I continue the re-build without tail.
    Thanks guys :)
    I'm glad to see so many responses.

  6. That's fantastic, why haven't I seen this on my travels around the forums? I'll have to come here more often ;)

    I really like the tail, but perhaps with a small wheel built in, kind of like the tail wheel on a plane. One assumes gyroscopic force keeps the thing upright on the move, but when parked it'd make sense to have something to rest on?


  7. yeah I'd prefer it without the tail, some nice scratch building going on there... well here...