Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ogryn Bodyguard (5)

The poll is closed.
103 votes total - I am really, really excited - I never would've thought to spark this much interest.
The results of the vote are:
  • Paris: 4
  • Other: 4
  • Rex: 6
  • Emil: 8
  • Ajax: 22
  • Fritz: 24
  • Hektor: 35

Now all I have to decide is which of the Orgyn to name "Argus" (I really like this suggestion, so I WANT to use it, but I don't want to ignore your vote either). Most likely I will have Argus together with the Captain of the ZEUS on the bridge....we'll see.

OK, update time :)
Last night I first added details to the armour plating staps.
Then came the first sleve. (Here you can see that I still have to do some cleanup on the sword as well as removing the fingerprint on the lower arm)

I was hoping that it would still offer a view of the vein on the biceps, but well....
Then came the other sleve

I had to let this cure for a while.

And then I started with the two front sections of the longcoat,
as well as the right rear section.

So this is how Hektor looks as of this morning.
There's still a lot of cleanup and detailing to do, as well as the shoulder armour, and of course the banner.