Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Think before you build!

I wasted a hole evenings work yesterday - I am steaming of anger (fits the theme, doesn't it?)

But lets start at the beginning.
I was still looking for some armament for my very cool Commisar Little-Lenin yesterday. I was actually thinking of two side-arms (pistols) in holsters at his side.
Since I didn't want the tiny little laspistols, I actually thought of the Boltpistols of the GW Commisars.
Well, lets build one real quick.

So I first cut the center piece.

Actually two, to have it thick enough.

Then the outer pieces.

and mounted them together.

While I let this one cure, I decided to build a Plasmapistol for the other hand. That would look cool (I thought).

For the Plasmapistol I only needed one centerpiece.

Then the outer piece and mounted.

Back to the Boltpistol I mounted the barrel.

Here are the two pistols - same size as the originals.

And now I finally did the test on LL......


That's the best image of ridiculousness I've ever seen :(
*oh swell*

So that was quite some work for the drain :(
In the end I used two holsters form the tankers sprue and modified one for left side. But I haven't actually mounted them.

I worked some more on the foldings of the arms of LL.

Not final yet, but getting there.

But looking at this I'm not even sure if I can mount the two tiny laspistol holsters. They would cover most of his legs - so wasting the stripes I did - and most likely they'd also look rather misplaced....*sigh*
So, any suggestions for LL's armament? No arms at all?
What do you think?


  1. Hehe
    I think I will settle for a Powersword in a sheath and give the real weapons to his bodyguard/adjutant :)