Monday, April 27, 2009

Ogryn Bodyguard (4)

Wow! 89 votes!
I am really impressed by your participation - thanks guys!
Well, from the votes it seems like Hektor will be the name...or Argus....ah, that's soooooo hard....I like both choices....I'm afraid I will need to do two bodyguards... *grin*

So, where have I left off?
Right, Greenstuff vs Greystuff, boots and arms done.

So, next I started on the pants - first the right side.

What a lovely couple :-)

Here is the completed trouser.

Eventhough most of the leg will be covered by the armour plate, I tried to add some details.

Tight fit :-P

Then I started on the uniform shirt, while I taped the armour plates to the legs.

Here the plates are glued on, the shirt completed with buttons, the staps for the armour plates created, plus some minor details added.

Rear view (Note: Most of the back will be covered by the long coat)

Next I attached the armoured belt and a power cable to the powerfist. Oh, and the nametag, plus some detail on the chainsword handle.

I'm a bit sad that the belt and the nametag cover many of the details, but hey, that's the way I had it planned :-/

So next will be the actual longcoat.