Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ogryn Bodyguard (6)

Slowly but surely, Hektor is nearing completion.
So far it's been a pleasurable journey, especially with your company :)

I finally got to do the banner - this time with Grennstuff, as it seems to be more solid and thus better feasable for a banner than the PS.

I also completed the other half of the longcoat.

then I removed the banner and Hektors head again, so I could better work on the remaining items.
Next was the shoulder armour.

Off course they need proper straps and stuff :)

and battle damage.

Some more details, like the rope on the banner post.

Added a large size drink-canteen.

And the team shot.

Little Lenin and Hektor

A real Hero Shot

So, what else is missing?
What details and stuff would you add? I plan some rivets on the armour plates for the legs and on the powerfist.
Anything else?