Sunday, April 12, 2009

Steampunk Motorcycle (3)

Despite a very busy family weekend with very little time in my "office" I've been playing around with several layout types and designs. It seems the Monobike with two wheels (O_o) is the most flexible and promising design to create Steampunk Rough Riders for my Dencarians.
I haven't got a name for them yet, maybe something like HERMES, but it must be a Greek god...hmm, we'll see.

So this is a very early mock-up with blue tack.

The Twin-MG is a spare I created for the ZEUS, with a large screen, the seat is also a leftover from the ZEUS and was originally the master for the interior seats mold. The engine tank is a standard fuel tank from the vehicles sprue und the two smaller tanks/cylinders are flamethrower tanks.

All is mounted on two railings, which will be inside the larger wheels.

The top railing.

And within the wheels.

Once I was rather confident of the layout, I started to glue it all together. In the rear I attached a communications assembly.

And I created the actual drive section - pretty much like a steam train drive.

From this side you can also see the holding assembly for the lasrifle.

Pedals and steering.

And the rear.

Before I start with the details I will have to figure a gun mount - actually I'm tinkering with the idea of adding two small bolters to the sides too - and then balance it all out.
The idea is to add like a planes tail, with fins and stabilizers as a counterweight for the forward guns. This would also give me a plausible means for steering.


  1. This looks great so far! I'm not sure how the tail fin will look, I would assume steering took place like a tank, more spin to one wheel or the other. I do see the need to balance out the front gun though.

  2. I think it looks just right in its current state. Surely to turn it would simply need to turn one side wheel faster than the other, like a tank?
    I agree with Inner Geek that it could look better without the fin!

    Craig @ cadian8th

  3. I'm also going to vote for having the two wheels turn at different speeds (or even different directions for pivoting in place), rather than the fins.