Monday, April 6, 2009

Steampunk Infantry (5)

On Friday the Captain of my escorting squad was nearing completion. Despite the nice spring weather and some beer activities I was able to continue on the longcoat.
First was the right arm.

I am really surprised how well it fits *yuk Klaus, don't you know how self-kudos stink?* lol.

Then the left arm.
The seams on the back worked out well in the end - but I can tell you, there was a lot of cursing, shouting, deep breaths and mantras involved.

While the arms cured, I continued on "Little-Lenin".

First I completed the rimming of the cap.

And then I added the ornaments. I decided for the skull rather than an eagle, because it better fits the ZEUS' theme - one just can't have enough skulls :-P

With LL finished and left to cure I went to bed.
On Saturday then it was time to finish the Captains longcoat.
Colar and sleve.

The high collar serves as an alternative to the shawl the troops wear against the ever-present sand.

All that was left was the belt.

And last not least re-mounting the power-sword. Here's another comparison to the power-sword of the Commisars sprue.

And the diorama update, now with the Captain.

Ahh, great, time to chill.....oh...wait....the...the....oh, the other side...*sigh*
So I started with the other fender on Sunday.
As mentioned, this scene is to include some battle damage and wounded. So I started to arrange the wounded gunner with blue tac (well actually white)

He will be attended by a medic.
In the foreground you can see the other, dropped gunner on the balcony (he won't need a medic anymore).

And here you can see the body of LL.

He will be standing there monitoring the action, hands behind his back.

He's still in a very early WIP, but I think the pose comes out nicely.



  1. That captain came out incredible. I can't wait to see Little Lenin finished too.

  2. I'm pretty envious of your GS skills I've still been meaning to pick up some more for months (

    great job though and what is that stupidly massive tank that you take the diorama pictures on?

    Looking forward to seeing them painted!

  3. Wow. That left my jaw on the floor and me without words. Just wow!