Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ogryn Bodyguard (3)

Looks like Ajax or Fritz will be the name - 19 votes so far. I am excited!

OK, to show you that I really work on him, here are some new images.
As you can see I fleshed out some more of the left side - more biceps and the upper leg.

Most areas wil be covered by clothing, except for the lower arms, but I still want to make the actual form of the body to be visible.

I added the first buttock :-)

Added some more on the chest and bellie and smoothened some areas.

Heres the right hand with the chainsword.

Remember, the lower arm is not at its final thickness, so the hand may right now look a bit to big.

Here's the left hand with the bannerpole.

This hand will most likely end up in a powerfist.

And here's the head, pretty much in its final stage.

And Ajax/Fritz together with Little Lenin.
Don't they make a great duo?