Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Trial and error design

Since none of yesterdays ideas really sparked my fluids I thought some more about the Steampunk motorcycles and rough riders.
Doing some drawing, I came up with this layout:

Central piece is (like on the monobike) the huge wheel, with a big steamengine in the front. Some nice exhausts and the rider sitting in the back. Eventhough this would be more "art noir" than steampunk I gave it a try.

So I whipped some pieces together from plasticcard. You can see the central wheel, the "boiler" for the engine and the nose with grill.

Still kind of sleek looking.

The central wheel and its profile.

And this is a view of the mechanism driving the wheel (and holding it in place). The light colored wheel would be the powered wheel.

Eventough nice looking and a (IMHO) good design, I think it is way too massive for the role of courier and rough rider. I won't be able to use it that way...*sigh*
Back to the drawing board.
I can still use the wheel if I end up with the monobike idea, and I may still use the "nose" I created for some other project...maybe a flyer...? Who knows :)


  1. "So I whipped some pieces together from plasticcard"

    What you are able to whip together is beyond my ability to focus and dedicate time to. Genius.

    On the notion of the bike. I have always loved the steampunk atmosphere and the one wheel bike design always seemed awesome to me. You are doing a great job. Can not wait to see more.

  2. I admire a man who can tell Steampunk from Art Noir... I can't do it, but I admire a man who can!

    Seriously though, it was a great design, although to bulky as you pointed out. The rest of the machine seemed too wide for the wheel in my opinion. That said, the wheel looks awesome! You are the scratchbuild king!