Friday, December 21, 2007

The Contest Entry

My Fast Attack contest entry is the Imperial Guard - Armored Battlegroup fast attack option "Storm Troopers", which are transported either by a Chimera or a Valkyrie. The Thantalos acts as a Valkyrie.
So, here it is:

During a battle raid against Ork forces in the southern hemisphere of Dencara 5, Storm Troopers of the Dencarian 8th Armored Battlegroup establish a safety parameter around their landing zone, while their Thantalos airborne assault carrier of the 3rd Transportation Brigade prepares for list off.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

...piece by piece

The main frame of the passenger compartment

The opening for the main ramp

The side doors

Side doors closed, first details inside

The rear ramp

Passenger seats

First paint job - lots of rust, wear and tear :)

A last look before adding the roof

Pilot and Gunner

and the cockpit

The canopy slowly comes together

Adding paint before adding the glas

now with glas :)

The crew ladder
The engines

First wing

Lots of little pieces - access hatches, wires, hydraulics and tons of rivets

The exhaust jets for the upper wings

Now both wings and the main engine thrusts

the rear finns

The missiles - if you look close you'll see that these are the tips of ballpoint pens :)

The nose

Still some filling and sanding to do

Better :)
The "Brute Cute" slowly takes shape

The lower wings/thruster combo added

Ready for priming!

and the base paint

Adding the Dencara pattern camouflage

I LOVE the doorgunner

Isn't this a nice face?

A first staging shot for my contest photo

details, details, details

Well, she has a good dentist at least :-)

The diorama base and a first look of how the camouflage pattern looks in the real environment (Note: These are not the storm troopers, but the Elites of the XIX Guards Regiment )
Now the full storm trooper squad
Staging the contest entry

Ammo and backpacks

Prone 1

The Vox Operator
The Flamer (note the shortened airborne version)
Ready to snipe

The crew sergeant

And the final shot