Monday, November 30, 2009

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (58)

Well it's been a busy weekend, and I've been working on a secret santa for my wife (more at the end of this post), but I did get quite some work done on the ATHENA too.

@DevL: Why 1969 for the NEMESIS gun?
Well, it isn't my birth year, I'm a bit older (born 1965), but it is a tribute to Andrea1969 the 3D artist at Warseer, that is doing some nice 3D CGI work, including some stuff on the ATHENA. He's also from Trieste, Italy, and that's why the NEMESIS is also a Trieste pattern :)
And here is his current shot of the ATHENA:

@Nash: Thanks for pointing out the Fleur-de-lys, I keep forgetting it *sigh*
Also, why so many people on the outside of the ATHENA?
Well, I want this to be a dynamic and busy display piece :) And, If you look at modern Aircraft Carriers, there's quite a lot of crew on the outside too....

Well, lets wrap up on the NEMESIS gun, shall we?
So here is the shot of the Mount, as well as some cabeling and the ammo hatch as well as the service hatch,


and with the NEMESIS in place.

On the ATHENA together with the Hydra turret.

To determine what else I must/can do on the ATHENA I taped off the individual sectors available for "action"

The rear area will have the Ground Attack plane togther with service crew and pilot on the lift.
In the forward area I will have another Ground Attack plane being readied by the crew.
In the central section I will most likely have a 6 men squad stand attention to their officer - these will be the "Repelling Party" (speak the ones fighting off any enemy boarding party).
Most likely I will also have the Techpriest overseeing something...maybe a robot mopping the floor? *chuckle*
Then directly behind the forward Hydra will be another lift, with a small ammo vehicle/cart on it and some crew members ready to arm the second GA plane (the one in the rear).
Between the forward Hydra and command Island will be a part of the command crew

I think they really look great, now that their're painted.

So this is where they will be positioned.

That will pretty much fill the whole mighty 70cm of flight deck :)

Well, next item on my still very long list of things to do ( ) was the
"Rear turret for Jump Deck - this will be a ground attack gun, maybe a Vanquisher"
Well, due to a nice gift from Jade Lancer at WIP, I have some Executioner barrels :)
So I decided to build a turret with a triple Executioner gun.

It will be positioned under the Jump Deck, at the rear end. Thus giving AA capability also in the lower rear area of the ATHENA (no sneaking aircraft from below).

To give it more punch, it will also be armed with 6 Anti-Air Hunter missiles, mounted left and right of the main gun.

And while I was waiting for some pieces to cure, I created some Purity Seals:
Pretty simple. Small circles cut from some of my plastic rods, glued onto some of the large rivet disks, and then some small strips of plasticard.

Here you can see the missile launchers in position.

And the aproximate position
The opening you see here will be covered with some hatches, that can be used the reload the missile launcher.

Here the cover and hatches are in place, as well as the rotateble mount is completed.

And in the final postition.

Beneath the ATENA Jump Deck. I don't have a name for it yet, but I will ask Jade Lancer first, since he "sponsored" it.

Oh, and here's what I'm working on as a secret santa for my wife.
She's a huge fan of Kim Harrisons "Rachel Morgan" series. In the books is a small friendly Gargoyle, called Bis.

Well, here's my first ever China Clay sculpt.

He will be leaning on the book, with his ands crossed over it.

Well, I think it's a good start, but still a long way to go.

Friday, November 27, 2009

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (57)

Now that the basic build for the CIWS is completed, I started the detailing.
Here you can see the rear exhaust for the gun.

On this side you see the ejector port for the used cartridges.

and here the port for the ammo feed.

From front, with the service hatch. There's still some cleanup to do though.

Next was the sights.

And then I did some ornamenting for the ammo drum, using a Fleur-de-lil again.

And all pieces together - but not yet glued as there's still some detailing and cleanup necessary.

So I hope you like my CIWS "NEMESIS Mk MCMLXIX - Trieste pattern".

Thursday, November 26, 2009

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (56)

To complete the gatling CIWS I continued with building the sight housing (right) and the ammo drum.

Here's a quick mock-up for looks and scale with the sight and drum.

Also note the new off-centered postition - this is neccesary to give it a better field of fire, more room for the ammo re-load hatch, and ejected cases can easily be dumped off the side (eventhough I have to look if this could potentially interfere with the side navigation engines and rotors).

The ammo drum still needs the skin.

So I wrapped some .25mm plasticard around it, and while it cured, I worked on the ammo feed.

The ammo drum mounted.

And a quick blue-Tac shot with the ammo feed.

Here you can see the proposed layout of the platform.
In the background a large two-door hatch for the ammo and a standard sized hatch for access.

In re-load position.

And finally a size comparison to the Hydra.
Not so small after all.

I'm fine with the looks, but it will all depend on the details and ornaments, if the gun really fits the ATHENA or not.
*fingers crossed*