Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Inquisitor Hellsryche (9)

Hello everyone,

todays update is rather short, as the last week was very hectic and I was plagued by several migrane attacks :(
Never the less, I was able to work some more on the characters.
I began painting of the Monk, the Grey Knight, and the Crusader.
I decided to finish the characters first, so I can see where each energy weapon is poisitoned and will cast it's glow on the car and the surrounding terrain.
So I charted out which colors to use.

Then I applied the desaturated base colors.

And started to apply the washes with Gryphonne Sepia and Badab Black.

After the first wash

Then the second wash was applied

and this is as far as I got...

now it would be time to start with the NMM gold and highlights.
But I really have to see when I'll have the time - especially as there is another tempting competition at the Ammobunker...
Speaking of competitons, my price for the Deathwatch competition finally arrived!

Thanks to the guys at Fantasy Flight Games for the excellent price and to Dakka Dakka for the competition :)


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Inquisitor Hellsryche (8)

Hey guys,
I made slow progress with my de-saturated Sisters.
First I highlighted the reds.

Then a coat of Baal Red wash to smoothen the transitions and some work on the dark greys.

I worked a bit on the faces (almost invisible in all the greys) and highlighted the "white" - speak the greys :)

Yesterday night I prepared my pigments.
For this I'm grinding Pastels and mix the powders as I need them.

First I apply the powders with a dry brush,

and then I use spirit to fixate the pigments.

You must be very careful when applying the spirit, so it doesn't strip any of the colors.

Once everything was dried I placed the Sisters on the base.

Here you can see that the pigments work really well.

I think the colors work together quite nicely

So what do you think?
Was it worth the extra work, or would the standard colors have worked just as fine?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Inquisitor Hellsryche (7)

Hello guys,
thanks for your feedback.

I agree with most of you, that last weeks results weren't really convincing. But I decided not to give up, and gave it another try.
I mixed up a new set of greys, and applied them to the test mini.

Then I gave it two hefty washes of Badab Black...

...this was a lot more convincing.

So I applied the new greys to the other girls.

Then a wash of Gryphonne Sepia for the skin and gold areas.
A wash of Badab Black for all other areas.

And a second Badab Black for the reds and "black" - actually a dark grey.
And if you compare it to the "standard color" mini on the left, I really like the difference.

Then some Devlan Mud for the skin and leather tones.

Once dried I set them in front of the base...
almost invisible :)

Yesterday evening I began to highlight the golds.

It's really difficult to highlight gold, and still keep it de-saturated.

But I think I've found the proper balance of grey and yellow.

I think I'll leave the gold as it is,

and see how it all looks with the rest of the highlights.

So it is VERY different, but I think it will be worth the effort...at least I hope so.
If it comes together as I hope, it will be very sinister and dark looking, and hopefully I can squeeze in some OSL for the Sisters Power Sword, maybe some lights on the Bolters ect. to give it some extra highlights....
Let me know what you think,

Friday, March 4, 2011

Inquisitor Hellsryche (6)

Hey guys,
I continued working on the diorama.
First I painted the base. As you can see, I'm going for a blue-greyish look.

The ornaments itself are blue, while the cobblestones are grey.

Then I also painted the rubble and debris and added some pigments.

Eventhough not completely dry, the base was pretty much finished at this time.

Then I thought about how I'd like to paint the minis. Looking at the finished base, I wanted to try something new.
I wanted to see if I could get a good de-saturated look to the minis, so everything more grey than colored. For this I made my own color chart and desaturated the shaded colors in PhotoShop and printed it out.

Here you can see the desaturated red, compared to the standard red on the mini in front.

But somehow I wasn't convinced, so I quickly tried the other colors on just one mini...

...not quite what I hoped for :(

Even in front of the base plate, I think the standard painted sister looks better, doesn't she?

So I think I will go back to the initial plan and paint the minis in my standard colors.

Together with weathering and some pigments I'm sure I can make them fit the scene.
What do you guys think?
Continue trying the de-staurated look or use the standard colors?