The Prototype

Dencaran Fleet Admiral Koppmeyer and Marshal Grossholderman of the Dencaran MCMXIX Atmospheric Strike Fleet visit the “Rheingold” research facility on Tedescium (Dencara 3). Here they inspect the Special Research Department “von Sonnenberg” where they are introduced to one of the latest armor projects for the Naval Landing Forces. They are accompanied by the Admiral’s personal pilot Wing Commander Koch.
The project on display is the research weapons carrier XII with the new weapon plant “Scorpion” and the crew compartment improvement “Odin” (Versuchswaffenträger XII mit Kampfmittelanlage “Skorpion” & Kampfraumverbesserung “Odin”).
At this moment the weapon plant is re-mounted to the vehicle after it has been equipped with the new 120mm StuK 55L/5 Smoothbore gun and readied for trials.

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