Monday, January 31, 2011

Ork Attack

Sorry for the lack of updates, but the operation strained me more than I thought, and I decided to participate in the Dakka painting competition ( ) "Deathwatch Killteam" - for which I'm not allowed to post any images or WIP till the contest is over. But I did make a lot of images, and once it is through, I will post them all or you.
Actually it was quite some fun and I tried some new things :)

But now I'm back in the painting saddle, and felt it was time to continue with the diorama. The ATHENA will have to wait a bit more, as I don't think I can really build yet. But once I feel fit for it, the ATHENA will be back on the desk - and the very first thing to add to the ATHENA will be the liaison officer for Lord Gordons 20th Praetorians.
When I looked at the Defense of Xantinum dio and placed all minis on it, I realized it is too crowded and lacks focus. So I will have to re-arrange some items.
The Spida Walker will remain on the dio and he will be the attackers focus piece.

I decided to remove the Waaagh Boss and put him in a seperate display piece.
Here you can see the initial arrangement.
You can see a group of Orks and the Boss charging down some ancient steps. For this I cut some styrofoam and mounted it on an old DVD case.

Then I covered the styrofoam and the case with a instant plaster.

Once the plaster cured I started to scribe some runes and symbols into the plaster - looks a bit like an ancient mosaic.
Then I promed it in black, so all the joiting will be visible.

Then I drybrushed everything with Kaki, some washes with devlan mud, another drybrush with Kaki and a very light one with Bleached Bone gave me a nice rocky/stony look.
The mosaic pieces I painted with Tin Bizz.

Which I washed with Badab Black and drybrushed with Shinign Gold.

The outer side also received several drybushes in various brwons and blacks.

I'm quite pleased with the result so far.

Another staging shot with the actors.

And then the 3 Orks received thier camo suits.

And first details.

I'm quite pleased with the progress I was able to make, and I really look forward to continue it.
I'm still a bit unsure on how I will paint the Boss.
Should I camouflage his armor like I did with the Spida Walker, or should I do some other color? Still a bit undecided.
Let me know what you think.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Suicide Bomber

Recovering from my hernia operation, I have plenty of time, but unfortunately I can't sit and paint very long at a time, so I don't get as much painting as I was hoping for :(
But it leaves me with plenty of time thinking....and you all know that THIS is not good for any of my projects waiting to be completed... :)

But anyhow, you all decided that I should continue with the Crimson Guardian and the Gretchin suicide bomber. 26:9 votes is quite a clear result.
Thank You for your participation.

As a reminder, this is how the two looked before priming.

And they need to fit together with the other Crimson Guardian that I have already completed.

So I started off with a dark red base coat

and applied some shades, as I'm trying to do some zenithal(sp?) lighting.

First lighter reds.

Unfortunately the photo doesn't really show how the lights and shades work on the model...

But some highlights later it becomes more visible.

Then I tried some OSL for the eye and the little light on top.

Next I experimented with NMM gold.

It's not bad.

So I did it also for the eagle on the shin.

and all the other golden pieces.

Compared to the original Guardian I'm quite satisfied.

More details.

And this completed the Guardian.

For the Gretchin I started off with "Sick Green" from Vallejo.

Two washes of Thraka Green and highlights of "Goblin Green" later.

After each color I applied a wash of TG and then the same color again. I think the transitions of the colors work pretty well this way.

Then highlights with Camoflage Green.

And final highlights with Escorpena Green.

Then the final details for the eyes and teeth.
Unfortunately the bomb-bag broke off, but that will be easily fixed once it's painted.

Well, I hope you like it so far :)
As mentioned, I have more time thinking than actually working on the minis, so there is the dawning of a new project brewing up in the back of my mind. I hope I can restrain it a bit longer, but no guarantees :-P

Friday, January 14, 2011

Anlong comes da Spida! (finished)

Thanks guys,
I'm glad you like it.
I had my hernia operation on Wednesday with a pretty hefty 10cm cut, but I'm recovering fast.
So today is my first day I can really attend to my blog.

Before I went on the OP table I was able to finish "Evil Eyez".
Here you can see the Gretchins, not the skull shirt for the "Commanda".

And here are the finished Gretchins.

I'm pretty satisfied with the result.

Even at Coolminiornot the reception is pretty good, with a solid 8.6 score right now :)

Again, thanks for your support and feedback (despite the Disqus hassle).
And, looking at the poll, it seems it will be the Space Marine next:
Currently 21:8 for the Suicide Bomber.