Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Allayah & Barduch (8)

Hi all,
Thank you :)
@ Malevengion   - good question ;)
I think he's more of a companion than a mount, at least that was the initial idea and the original name "Hunting Beast" was supposed to project that idea. A companion and hunting buddy.

With Allayah mostly done I started to sculpt the Fire-Lizards.
There will be three of them - two on the ground.
The one in the foreground will be looking under something - maybe a rotten banner?
The basic body is sculpted from SuperSclupey
I added the first muscles on this one.
I'm a bit unsure on the final look - they are different than the Fire-Lizard form "The Princess".
So instead of finishing the body and head first I started to work on the wings.
Here's the basic wire frame for the wings.
I hope it will look good when it has its wings spread while on Allayah's arm.
The wire coated with SuperSculpey.
Both wings.
I'm still a bit unsure about the final position for the wings.
Any ideas or suggestions?
I also started to sculpt the first two heads.
But are still missing the lower jaws.

So what to you think?
How are the wings?
I look forward to your feedback.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Allayah & Barduch (7)

Hi all,

thank you for your feedback and suggestions.

After the last update I realized the best position for the dagger would actually cover the two buckles I had already sculpted.
So it was time for another operation and Doctor Klaus got to work :)
This is now the position I plan to use, once the dagger is completed.
I also finished her right hand with some rings and armour, as well as she got a little ornament on her forehead.
The finished dagger - unfortunately not the best of images.
And in position with the new straps and the repositioned buckles.
And finally the bedroll
And this concludes the work on Allayah.
Well, there's still her spear!
So here's the blade to be cut from plastic card.
And a first position check with white tac.
The blade cut, sanded
and mounted.
And about an hour later all ornaments, ribbons and feathers were in place.
That's Allayah :)
Now I have to do one or two Fire-Lizards and most likely some more scenery work.
Anything missing?
Some suggestions, any final changes?
I look forward to hear from you.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Allayah & Barduch (6)

Hi all,
just a very short update today.

I didn't get much done last night, but I sculpted some pouches and small bags for Allayah last night.
I also rearranged the shoulder strap again - I'm thinking about adding a large bag or a bedroll here.
All too soon I started to touch still curing parts of GreenStuff, so I had to stop and let it all cure.
In the meantime I continued with the dagger.
I'm still undecided about the hairstyle, but looking at her this morning I thought it would probably best to go with the simple ponytail.
This would emphasize the ET head form and leave me room to add some tattoo's to the side of her head, and maybe even some goggles to her forehead?
What do you think?


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Allayah & Barduch (5)

Hi all,
thank you for your feedback.
Unfortunately I didn't get as many responses as I hoped for, but there is still time :)

Gathering the votes from the poll, the comments, and the forums we have 5 favourites.
Tentacles = 3 votes
Medusa = 3 votes
Dragon = 4 votes
Demon = 3 votes
Five Braids = 3 votes
all others have 0 or 1 vote

So currently "Demon" has most votes. I still have some work on her equipment and armour, so I keep the vote open for about a week or so.

Other than that I slowly worked on her clothes and equipment.
First she got one sleeve on the right arm, with a scale pattern.
Once that was cured she got some shoulder armour, suspenders for her legs, and fringes for the jacket.
Buckles for the boot straps
A collar, right lower arm armor, belt, feather ornament, some chains, and a shoulder strap for a bag.
Two straps on her leg to mount a dagger.
Speaking of the dagger, here is the initial piece of plastic.
Some more straps, chains, and ornaments.
And the first details for the dagger.
What do you think?
Anything missing, any suggestions or ideas?
Please feel free to comment - and if you haven't, vote for the hairstyle ;)
Thank you!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Allayah & Barduch (4) - was the Hunting Beast

Hi all,
as you can see by the title I finally settled on the names for the two protagonists.
The Dragon is Barduch and the girls is Allayah.

I started working on the armor for her left arm.
But the hair topic kept going around in my head.
@ Malevengion - wow! that's a brilliant idea. I will try the tentacles/Medusa hair!

So here are some quick experiments for Allayah's hair.

A- tentacles
This is an ides inspired by the Star Wars Ashoka Tano, a Togruta Jedi.
B - Medusa
Well, yes, Medusa or Gorgon inspired. The individual strands would be snakes.
C - Dragon
Large horns, similar to the horns that Barduch is sporting.
D - Demon
Two large horns like on a demon.
E- Plate
This would be a horn plate with supporting ribs looking like a crown.
F - Five Braids
This would be 5 thick braids, a bit like tentacles ending in a thick pigtail
G - Three braids
Similar to F, but only 3...
H - Ponytail
Well, just that, a bald head with only a ponytail on the end.
I - Iroquois
Not sure if it would be hair, skin, or some kind of horn stuff, but formed like a Mohawk
Looks a bit like an 80's punk
J - swept back horns
Again 2 large horns, but swept back and aligned with the form of the head
K - more horns
Again 2 swept back horns, but at a different angle...
L - Spikes
A set of horn spikes arranged like a crown.
M - Sepia
Three tentacles closely following the contours of the head and ending like on a Sepia.
N - Princess
a diadem, horn?
Now I REALLY need your help!
Which one looks best - or do you have another idea?
Please let me know.
You can also use the poll on the side.