Friday, December 28, 2018

Erebus - a new tank (6)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

I hope you all had a good time with your family and hopefully some time off work.
I had a wonderful time with my wife, family and the cats -despite catching a cold and lots of sniffing :-P

To finish the interior of the EREBUS I still had to build some seats - for this I used the seats from the HERMES as a sample.
When glued in place I made them look as if some of the seats were flipped up.
The finished interior
and slid into the tank.
 It's actually a pity that hardly anything will be visible.
The final images with the ramp lowered down.
This will most likely be the way it will be positioned in the diorama.
Oh, and BTW, the first hull was not destroyed. It still exists.
I don't know what to do with it, but it's still here on my desk :)
Well, as mentioned I plan to do a diorama. And some of you may remember the PONOS from "Orkalypse Now" and that I always wanted to do a wheeled version of it.
These are 1:35 and I think they fit the role for 40K perfectly
Here I drew a first sketch of the wheeled PONOS - the ALALA, Spirit of the War Cry
Since I was hoping to to have a visible interior I have to build a bit differently than normal
The basic frame was quickly built
For the interior i started with the drivers cabin.
The chairs for the driver and commander - I guess it's visible who will sit where ;)
A quick check with the wheels.
I think this will look pretty neat
A bit higher than the EREBUS tank.
In the meantime Luna did a quality check for the chairs.
The passed :D
Next I built another slide-in cabin for the passenger compartment
The two sections
Next I had to build 8 chairs
Small scale mass production ;)
With GreenStuff I sculpted the leather cushions
And everything in position
Maybe it is visible that there are storage compartments on the floor, as well as behind the seats.
The backrests fold down for access and also create a platform to access the roof hatches - as firing positions.
Here you can look through to the drivers dashboard
The drivers compartment
The interior sections (so far) in position
And finally I started to build up the exterior.
It already has the typical PONOS "face"
I hope you like the update.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Erebus - a new tank (5)

Hi all,
thank you for your comments and feedback :)

Continued from last time I began to create the various lights and sights. For this I have a collection of balls - from left-over GreenStuff - which I then match to the fitting plastic rods, cut to the proper size.
Here are the first lights and sights mounted.
Changes the look quite a lot.
Next I created some "RPG-Grills" to protect the rear tracks.
Again the trick was to keep the sides removable.
Next I created the smoke launchers.
And then I built a machine-gun.
A bit Russian style
and all scratch-built.
Then I added tie-downs and hooks.
Rear lights
and handle for the rear door
plus steps for the crew
With my trusted Chopper I cut pieces for the vision ports
and installed them.
The two vision ports visible here on the rear left are later removed, as this is the engine area - and no one will be using them there ;)
With most of the exterior done (yes, I know, tons of rivets are still missing), I started to build the slide-out interior
On the left is the engine section and in the center the blast wall and door to the turret basket.
To flesh things out, I added a weapons rack, with a little Flamethrower, two assault rifles and two AT-tubes :)
And this is how it would look...
Not much to see...
But we all know it is there, right?
Well, I'm not really sure how much time I will spend on the interior, if so little is to see...