I often get asked where I ordered my cinematic effects for the muzzle flashes and lasers.
While there are cinematic effects to be purchased at Armorcast (http://armorcast.com/store/index.php?cPath=100&osCsid=951972b92dc6297d9b101170498f7f0e), 
I prefer to create my own.
The very first Muzzle flash I did was for "Kill Shot", featuring a Deathwatch Marine jumping over a wall and firing his Bolter
 I really liked the result, so I use it more and more frequent.
How it is done?
Actually rather simple.
I use a still piece of wire as base, put some Greenstuff (here ProCreate) and pull it into shape with a pincer.

I have currently no images of the actual creation, but some I did for a similar affect - bullet impacts.
For this I placed a small blob of GS on a soda cap and used my pincer to pull little pieces.


and the result looks like this.

This procedure can be used for other effects just alike:
Bolter fire:

or Flamethrowers


 I usually paint the flame effects then in a wet-in-wet technique starting with Blazing Orange, via Golden Yellow to Sunburst Yellow

And here are some images of the finished effects "in action" so to speak:


I hope you like it :)

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