Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer Heat Contest update

While the weather here in Germany is everything but hot I'm working on my contest piece for the WIP competition nevertheless.
I put myself on a pretty tight schedule and want to complete the actual build by August 1st., so I'll have enough time for a good paintjob. I think I can make this deadline, eventhough there's still a lot to do.
You may be surprised to read it, but so far I have not used a single piece of plasticard :)

I've used about 1.5 kg of plaster, about 6 packs of FIMO, 2 packs of standard Milliput, 1 pack of fine Milliput, and half a pack of ProCreate greenstuff - and about 1 meter of wire...

As said, this project is VERY different from what I've done so far, but it will still fit into the GW/Warhammer environment...
Well, enough teasing and chit chat, I have to go back to work :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Switching to secret mode again :)

Unfortunately (for you) the W.I.P. forum is conducting another contest.

New ‘Summer Heat’ competition.

The new competition to keep all you conversion, scratch building and gaming addicts active these next months is this – Summer Heat.

A fairly open brief on this competition to allow entries from all games and all levels. We want to see your finest heavy support option ready to set the worlds afire! The hotter, the better!

We will accept conversions, scratchbuilds or straight out of the box builds in any scale. Any race/army accepted and encouraged and any rules system!

1) All entries due by 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8) on the 08/31/11 (August 31st, 2011).

2) All entries must be submitted with ONE 700x700 max photo (you may make it a collage, you may also send more, but only one will be posted) Any entries not fitting that criteria will NOT be entered (if there is time left you may fix and resend it)

3) All entries will be submitted to "The Contest Guy" (the contest guy may be one of several people, whoever is running that contest, or perhaps multiple people if deemed needed)

4) All judges ruling is final.

5) Voting will begin shortly after the 31st, and will last for approx 2 weeks

Time to get working.

Since the WIP contest rules don't allow any progress updates I will have to do my build secretly.
I have a "big" idea (again), but it's something completely different from what I did so far.
I'll log everthing with the camera and once the competition is over I'll post all the images and details.
Sorry for the "absence" - maybe I'll post some "covered" & cencored images :)


Friday, July 15, 2011


Thanks :)
Well I worked on the crew, but since I had some camera issues a lot of images are lost :(

This was the status with the base colors applied.

And here most of the washing and weathering was completed and first pigments applied.

This is the current status.

The pieces blend in together nicely.

But one or two details still need attention...

What do you think?


Monday, July 11, 2011


Thanks guys,
your feedback and suggestions are essential :)

I added scorch marks to the muzzles with the airbrush.

Then some soot stains from the flamers as well as detailing the lenses (Thanks Salamndr for pointing them out).

On the other side I also added a repair patch with several Purity Seals ... simply because this is the "dark side" of the diorama, and I was too lazy to do another Elric mural :-P

After these last details I gathered my pigments.

The first go looks very chaotic and too much, but after I applied a coat of spirit and another coat of flat varnish with the airbrush it looks a lot better.

I also added a stip of dust around the lower parts of the hull, the wheels and the tracks.

Of course this "travel dust" is also on the front hull.

The turret also received some dusting - it creates some very nice effects around the hatches, sights etc.

After the "dusting" I gathered the little extras like rucksacks, bags, canvas, water cans, Jerry Cans, ammo boxes, ect. and began to paint them.

While working with these small pieces I'm really thankful for the medical gloves :)

Once the extras were painted, washed and dusted I mounted them into their positions.

And with this the Elric itself is completed.

Now I need to start on the crew and their hatches. They (including the Ground Guide) will wear the navy blue uniforms with silver ornaments, while the "surveyor" and officer at the side of the bridge will receive the Dencara disruptive pattern uniform.

Thanks for your time and I hope you liked todays update :)


Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Thank you TheInnerGeek :)
These comments keep the motor running :D

Luckily Vintersorg at the WIP forum (who already helped me out with some slogans on the ZEUS), pointed out that I made a mistake in one of the slogans.
Emperatorus is absolute nonsense and should be Imperator.
So, I repainted parts of the scroll.

And while the red paint dried, I started with the Elric mural.
Here you can see the pencil sketch.

The first colors,

and the final image.

From a distance it looks pretty good - I think.

In the meantime I repaired the scroll as good as possible and it is now ready for the corrected slogan.

Better :)

Well, get a last look of the "prestine" HERCULES, as now the weathering will begin.

First a wash of deluted dark brown (a mix of Scorched Brown and Chaos Black, deluted ~20:1)

Here you can also see the vehicle markings I added. It identifies the vehicle as Alpha Company vehicle 66 (usually the company commander), 3rd Battalion, 69th Armor Regiment, XIX Dencara Guards Division.

Then the sides received an additional wash of deluted black.

Since the HERCULES is a real workhorse on Dencara, and the XIX Guards are in constant battle against the Orks (and now also Nids), it's been a while since the "Elric" has seen a good service workshop, or even a paint bucket.

For the chipped paint I used a mix of (Vallejo Game Color) Dark Flesh and Black, which I applied with a sponge.

After all the sponge weathering, I added some more details with a brush.

And since several readers pointed out the "drooping guns", I finally glued them in place :)

Then all the lenses and lights received their details.

Unless you spot anything missing, I will start (hopefully) tonight with some pigments, adding dust and dried mud.

Let me know if you spot anything and what you think.



Monday, July 4, 2011


Thanks for your comments :)

It's been a busy weekend and I accomplished quite a bit.
First the tracks were re-painted black and then received a lot of rust spots, using Vermin Brown.

After that I used the same color as I did for the road to fill the main areas of the tracks.

Then a dark brown wash to smoothen the colors.

Next I prepared the forward banner - using Red Gore as dark base color, darkened with Scorched Brown and highlighted with Blood Red.

For the Battalion marking on the side of the hull I used the liquid masking film from Vallejo.

Simply apply it with a brush, let it dry and then you can spray or brush the color over it.

Once everything is dry, it's easy to peel or rub it off.

Pretty much the same effect as salt.

On Saturday the tracks were completed with Boltgun Metal and a Badab Black wash. After that I added the front slogan:
"Post me, Nihil Est!" - "After (beyond) me, there's nothing"
I think this is a nice slogan for a vehicle that's about to run you over :-D

With the hull pretty much completed I turned my attention to the turret. Adding color to the cabeling and the signs.

Jasevx on Ammobunker asked for a comparison shot with a Baneblade. But since I don't posess a Bane, the ZEUS and a Chimera need to suffice :)

Despite being dwarfed by the ZEUS, it still dwarfes the Chimera nicely.

The turret also received some red banners, as well as a parchment colored name scroll.

The next slogan:
"Emperatorus Vincit Omnia!" - The Emperor always wins.

and "Terror Belli, Decus Pacis" - Terror in War, Adornment in Piece"

And finally the name of the tank:
Elric - a tip of the hat to
Michael Moorcocks Elric of Melniboné one incarnation of the Eternal Champion.

Quite a tragic hero, but one of my favourites reads of "long, long ago and far away" times :)

Maybe I can find a good spot for an image on the HERCULES...

I hope you like todays update and thanks for your time.

Let me know what you think.