ATHENA Armaments
Here is a list of the current ATHENA weapons load.
I try to keep it updated as the build progresses.
Each weapon is linked to the appropriate WIP post in the blog, so you can see the actual build of the weapon. Traditionally the weapons are named after Greek Deities, Titans, or Spirits. Sometimes they also have special pattern names (i.e. Fuzz Pattern - for Fuzzbucket) which are granted to some of my loyal or inspirational followers :)
Four weapons so far have no name yet, they are labeled 001-004. But maybe you have a good name suggestion for them?

So here we go:
ALALA Siege Canon (Stormsword weapon) (1ea)

DEIMOS Mk XV Imperial Torpedo Launcher (2ea)à Mk VIII Draconis Melta Torpedo

PHRIKE Quad Lasgun (2ea)

KERES Forward Rocket Launcher System à Exorcist rules

001 Twin Synch AA-Autocanon (4ea)

THRASOS Mk XVI Hydra weapon system (2ea)


POLEMOS Mk XV Fuzz Pattern AA-System (6 Missiles, 3 Punisher)

MOROS Mk I Triple Earthshaker Turret System

003 Twin Snych AA Lascanon (side turret) (2ea)

TALOS Mk II Fixed Manticore Launcher (6ea)
(No image, Work in Progress)

In addition, the ATHENA can also support some aerial units, such as:

STRYX Multi-purpose Aircraft
ARGUS observation drone

And finally here's a list of the Greek Deities, Titans, and Spirits I used to name the ATHENA weapons:

ALALA = Spirit of War Cry


PHRIKE = Spirit of Horror and Trembling Fear

THRASOS = Spirit of Boldness

NEMESIS = Goddess of Revenge

POLEMOS = Personification of War

MOROS = Spirit of Doom

TALOS = Giant forged from Bronze, ZEUS’ gifted as personal protector for Europa

STRYX = Titan of the Underworld river Styx and personification of hatred.

ARGUS = 100-eyed Giant, tasked to guard Io

PALLAS = Titan of Warcraft
PALLAS attack drone
(no images, planned only)

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