Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Guardian (3)

Almost a month since the last post :(
Well, one reason for the lack of update was the frustration I experienced trying to paint a proper background for the Guardian.
The first attempt - directly on the primed plastic card - was...well, not good :)
The second attempt didn't fare better.
The third attempt - now on cardboard paper - showed promise, but still didn't meet my approval.
After a frustration break the fourth attempt survived the sketching phase and entered the detailing phase
So this is the background that I will use for "The Guardian".
I think it projects the feeling of a sacred valley and a golden city hidden there.
The first positioning test also showed that most of the important sections are visible.
Even better with lights on :-D
So I made some final adjustments and some clean-up.
And then I started painting the frame.
With the cobblestone platform.
The steps and path seen form the rear.
The vegetation was next.
So now most of the sculpted frame is painted.
And so I decided to also give the outer box some ornaments.
Even better with stars.
The other side
and the top
And again with stars
These stars have such a huge effect
And this is where I am right now :)
I hope you like today's update
What do you think?
Any suggestions, critics, feedback?
I look forward to hearing form you :)