Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Steampunk Infantry (1)

The coolest tanker ever, isn't he?

I mentioned before that I tried to create a special steampunk version of infantry for my Dencarians (especially for the ZEUS diorama). Unfurtunately the casting was....well...less than satisfactory...if not to say:
Eventhough the results got better each time, and changing the mold and cast technique did help, I am still not satisfied. My current results are absolutely fine for things like the BOREAS and ZAPHISTROS walkers, as well as some weaponry, but for infantry....NOPE.
Very disapointing and de-motivating.
I spent a lot of money on silicone and resin, as well as a lot of time experimenting, but ended up with a lot of frustration.
So it was finally time for Plan B.
So I had my little soldiers line up and report.
"Ten hut!"

First was a decent haircut.

Goggles on

Some of the Imperial Guards did recieve Field Caps. These are the ZEUS crewmembers. Not sure if I will make them Imperial Navy (as the ZEUS is more a land battleship) or just the armor branch of the Guard. These guys will wear the normal Cadian uniform, but Field Cap and shawl (when outside the vehicle).

Well, time for a cigarette break

Sarge says: "Hey, what are you doing up there? Smokin'? Fire at them Orks!"

Sarge will be placed on the fender, looking up to the smoking tanker and
yell at him.

As you can see besides the goggles the Infantry receives a shawl-like cloth that can be used to protect the face during some of the very common Dencarian sandstorms.

One of the Stubber-gunners in shawl and field cap.

The next alternation for the infantry are longer jackets - as can be seen here for the sarge and the sniper.

BTW, I really like the sniper rifle.

After the longer jackets I issued gaiters for more protection against the ever present sand.

So, we have jackets, shawls, gaiters, and goggles.
What's next?
Aaaah, helmets.

What's more appropriate for Imperial Steampunk than picked helmets?

These images are actually pretty bad.
Better images tomorrow, when they are mounted on the shoulders of my brave infantrymen.
That's it for today.

Monday, March 30, 2009

ZEUS super heavy (33)

Over the last few days I continued working on the ZEUS.
Namely I worked the scene on the left-side fender.
The first item is a scatch-built Autocanon.

The muzzle-break is looking different than the standard one - replacing the slits with holes.

Cartridge ejector pointing downwards.

To properly mount it on the ZEUS, without using the standard tripod, I created a special mount, that is normaly hidden beneath a hatch - besides it is a small electrical panel that would lower and raise the mount.

I must admit it reminds me of the Star Wars scene on the ice planet Hoth, when the Imperial Storm Troopers manned their heavy lasguns :)

And here's how it will be placed on the ZEUS. Obviously it will be painted to match the exisiting fender.

To blend it in even better, I created a bunch of sandbags from GS, plus some barbed wire.

The other end of the fender received a similar treatment, but a completely different scene.
Here we have an Ork that climbed the track and was then shot down.

I had to greenstuff it extensively to get the pose looking decent.

Behind him there will be a trooper (rifle at the ready) probing the dead Ork with his foot.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Cleanup

Trying to improve the blog and making it easier to skim through the individual projects I completed (or sometimes only started) I cleaned up the links and projects bar.
I started this blog in July 2007 and I am really surprised at the amount of projects that I have in here.
Just the Dei Greci vehicle family consists of 11 vehicles, including the ZEUS - the master of all Greci vehicles and the THANTALOS - the "greek" Valkyrie
Then there are the two walkers BOREAS and ZAPHIROS, plus some odds and ends.
There's the "Sacred Shrine of Saint Agathe the Fierce" :-P my take at a Dice-Tower-Turn-Marker, and even the start of an Ork blog.
Plus I have a short Skull painting tutorial - http://fischers-design-shop.blogspot.com/2009/02/skulls-quick-and-dirty.html

Well, I hope I will have more projects coming this way in the future :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Black is beautiful

After completing the armament of the walkers they received a black priming.

Not much to say, other than impressive :)

The paint scheme will be the same as I used for the BOREAS