Tuesday, September 29, 2015

(Chrome) Assassina - Ilse Sturmfeder (1)

Wow, it's been a while...

Sorry for the long break, but it was a nice summer, and only some small projects.

The first project was a commission (yes, normally I don't o commissions, but this was for an aunt of mine). It is a birthday gift for an hobby archer, conducting Kyudo (traditional Japanese archery) who's zodiac sign is the libra.
So I sculpted a stylized Archer, standing on a scale, with a libra symbol in the center.
It is Super Sculpey (50:50 firm/standard) and then a lot of sanding :)

Another project I did was a pencil holder for my youngest nephew, who had his first school day last week.
So I sculpted a small dragon, perched on a desk over a huge book - inspired by an image by the Brothers Hildebrandt


It was sculpted from SuperSculpey, with a base made of Stewalin.


Looking at Phil's face, I think it was a success :)

So these were the two summer projects I did since Bian the Red.
Last week I finally started a new project.
It will be an Assassin(a), and hopefully she'll be made of chrome...
But let's look at it from the start.
Using the same scale as I used for the Dragon Princess, I created the wire frame - made from a metal cloth hanger - the ones you get from the dry cleaner.

Then I wrapped it in masking tape, to make the SuperSculpey stick better.

 Here you can see the first layer - SuperSculpey medium.

I then completed the basic shape - and after baking I realized some errors and shaved them back off.

And while satisfied with the shape, I realized I had no way of mounting the figure...
So I cut off her lower leg,

and added a new wire, with a supporting section to mount it into the ground.


I wrapped it in a layer of Greenstuff to give it extra stability.

After re-sculpting the leg I began my "Robotification"

Some may remember the "Sexy Robots" by  Hajime Sorayama
and this is what I'm trying to achieve...


The technique is a bit time consuming, as I have to conserve the details, by using the heat gun for at least a minute or two, before I go to the next section.

But I think the result is worth the effort.




I hope the pose will work out the way I intend it :-P

I also hope I can pull off the chrome effect while painting.



So, this is as far as I got with Ilse Sturmfeder, the Chrome Assassin.


I hope you like the update and I look forward to your comments, suggestions and feedback.