Monday, July 30, 2007

3c. Tisiphone Airborne Artillery Vehicle

The third vehicle of the Greci family is the Tisiphone.
The Tisiphone has an extended chassis, to accomondate the artillery gun.

Here is the very first glimpse at the Tisiphone artillery gun:
But I also have a Bombard available, that could be incorporated in a sub-version of the Tisiphone (ak√° Tisiphone II):
UPDATE (31.07.2007)

This is the final view of the Gun:
Here's the interior (with a Crewman for size comparison)

Gun and roof mounted:

UPDATE (02. Aug)
Finally mounted the rear ramp and the two roof-hatches.
You can see the extra little sight I added right by the engine ventilation.
The rear ramp opened.
Roof open, gun in traveling position.

And in firing position.

UPDATE (03. Aug)
Added the Rivets and Vision Blocks (Periscopes).

3b. Ganymed Airborne Ammunition Vehicle

The second vehicle of the Greci AFV family is the Ganymed.
It is an Ammunition Supply vehicle, that will serve the Tisiphone Artillery.
It has the same size and basic format as the Kairos.

The final interior will be done, once I have the size of the Tisiphone Gun, so I can judge what size the ammunition is.

Friday, July 27, 2007

3a. Kairos - Airborne Reconnaisance Vehicle

The first vehicle I built was the Kairos.
This very small airborne vehicle represents a small vehicle with a elevatable Sensor platform.
For self-defense, the sensor platform also hosts a small auto-canon and a one-shot rocket launcher.

The vehicle has a crew of 2, and consists of the driver (front left) and the commander/platform operator.
All vehicles of this family will have the driver on the front left and has 4 periscopes for buttoned-up vision. The motor is located in the right front. Drive sprocket is on the front.
The driver has its own roof-hatch, while the commander uses the rear door for entry and exit.

3. Airborne vehicles

The DEI GRECI Airborne Vehicle family

As mentioned prior, I'm designing a whole family of vehicles for this project.

All vehicles are named after ancient Greek Gods.

For these vehicle I have only a very limited amount of space available, in order to fit them into the Greci Drop containers.

The available space for a small vehicle is 184 (l) x 44 (h) x 70 (w) mm - For comparison, a Chimera is 113 x 47 x 90.

A large vehicle, which can only be dropped individually, can be up to 184 x 70 x 70.

Since dropping only two small vehicles is (IMHO) to much waste of resources, I decided to design some very-small vehicles, of which I could fir 4 into a container.

This limits the space to 91 (l) x 44 (h) x 70 (w) mm.

This sounds pretty small :)

UPDATE: (30. July)
This is the current status of the Greci vehicles:
(ltr - Ganymed, Kairos, Tisiphone)

UPDATE (06. Aug)
Here are all 4 Greci in their current status:
(ltr) Kratos, Tisiphone, Kairos, & Ganymed

UPDATE (08. Aug)
I did a first test to create some ammo for the Tisiphone gun.

As you can see, they look quite uneven, bent, and crooked :(
I will have to exercies some more here :)
UPDATE (27. Aug)
Since I'm working on a whole regiment, this will also include the infantry.
Since the Kasrkin's have only 5 or 6 different poses, I want to use regular Cadians, but with the HE-Lasguns and special heads.
So, here's my first try at modifying the heads.
The Sergeant:
The Grunts: