Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Prototype (6)

Hi all,
updates are a bit slow, as there's a lot of small details to paint. So forgive me the posting frequency.
Since the last update I painted the welding equipment with the gas bottles and a small tool table.
Then a kind of gun shield with a toolbox in front.
This will also be the main paint scheme for the prototype.
And then I did the blueprint on the construction desk :)
I admit I'm proud of it.
Looks pretty cool in the scene.
Next was the main console - in a wooden finish.
And the second console in the upper left corner.
And then it was the first piece of the tank.
The turret attached to the running crane.
Here you can see the turret itself is already a bit beaten up and scratched, but the gun tube seems to be a new one. No scratches.
It is labeled "Nr. 5 long" and "120mm StuK 55 l/5"
The chassis got the base coat in the rust protection paint.
Engine and interior got their paint too.
And the sign that identifies the project:
"Versuchswaffenträger XII mit Kampfmittelanlage "Skorpion" & Kampfraumverbesserung "Odin".
And the vehicle's nickname "Siglinde".
Scratches and a bit of wear.
And incorporated into the scene.
The driver is observing closely as the turret is matched to the "Siglinde" vehicle :)
Next are the troopers and then some pigments.
After that the real fun starts, when I add the washes and then start painting the highlights and light effects.
I hope you like today's update.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Prototype (5)

Hi all,
thank you for your kind words and support.
I feel like I'm making some progress, but experienced some set-backs too.
Last week a good and dear friend, Christian Koppmeyer, died at 52 (https://www.facebook.com/groups/advancedsquadleader/10153999329070029/?notif_t=like) .
So quite some up and down.

@Adrian - thanks for your comment. Yes the cables still look a bit funny. I have the turretwith some weight and I hope it can pull the slack out of the cables. And yes, there will be a lot more boxes and canisters :)
But I started painting the diorama.
First evening the concrete received a blue-grey base color.
And I added some yellow warning lines.
The next evening I was able to add details to the warning lights and the small num-pad on the side of the man-door.
In my vision of this scene I always envisioned a large Imperial logo on the wall.
So I started to paint this on the rear wall.
And the name of the facility.
But together with the sliding door....
not so good :(

So the next evening I gave it another try and ended up with this.
I like this much better.
So I added another warning slogan (Caution. Gate opens and closes automatically) to the front wall.
Another evenings work was the painting of the sliding door.
Weathered and with some German labeling.
It reads:
"Versuchsanlage Rheingold" -Test facility Rhinegold
"Sonder-Forschungsabteilung von Sonnenberg" - Special research facility "von Sonnenberg"
Next was the gate.
Again weathered and with labels.
And mounted into the diorama.
The running track and the power cable for the crane got its base color.
And finally I started to paint the first items.
Well, this is as far as I got.
I hope you like it.
I look forward to your C&C.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Prototype (4)

Hi all,

sorry for the longer silence, but the last two weeks were rather eventful.
I have some problems sleeping, actually haven't slept without pills for weeks, and the pills make me very drowsy. Plus lots of migraine - and the pills give me pimples :)
So I've been to MRT, but everything OK there, so it is "only" psycho-somatic...or as the doc said "on the fast lane to burnout"
So he considered me unfit for work, and I'm on medical leave for at least two weeks.

I can already feel some improvement, and yesterday was my 49th (!!! I'm OLD) birthday. I celebrated with my wife and I was able to enjoy the food and drink :)
Since I will also have a two week vacation lined up directly after Eastern, I will be off work for 4 weeks total. Right now it feels like this will do the trick and get me back into working order :)

Well, with that much time on my hands I DID get some stuff done. Not as much as I would normally have, but I'm quite pleased.

I wasn't quite satisfied with the concrete I created, so I created a new set of concrete.
The structure is a lot better, and also the "boarded" style looks more realistic.
So I created new molds and poured new sets of concrete sections.
Looks better I think
I also built a rolling door for the wall in the rear.
Plus a running crane.
Then I built the large blast door for the right wall.
The scene is slowly coming together.
The running gear for the crane
Then I added signal lights for the blast door,
and side door, 
as well as a fluorescent light for one of the work areas.
Then I built several detail items like this large console.
All the little gadgets in position :)
One final item I wanted to add were lights 
So I created rear wall mountings, using the corners of old sprues.
and simple plastic card lamps
I think it fits the atmosphere...
Then I added the turret to the crane
And the final scene :D
I'm very pleased with it.
The scene looks pretty much how I wanted it.
Now the actual figures need some attention, lots of mold line cleaning, some sculpting and details.
So, what do you think?
I look forward to your C&C.