Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Aktros weapons platform

To accomondate the planned vehicles for the 8th Armored, I want to design a "one-fits-all" weapons platform. This will be the base for the

  • Main Battle Tank
  • Tank Destroyer (Jagdpanzer)
  • Recovery vehicle (Bergepanzer)

and maybe some extras like a Bridge vehicle, an Air Defense Vehicle, and an Artillery.
So here are the first images of the Aktros:

Here is the base hull, that I will use for all Aktros. As you can see it is a bit longer than a Leman Russ, but about the same width.

The engine deck for the MBT

The MBT deck with the openings for the turret, driver and bow gunner.

This is the superstructure for the Jagd-Aktros ind comparison to the MBT.

The Jagd-Aktros will be armed with a heavy Bolter and a Vanquisher gun.

This is a quick "blue tack" mount of the gun.

This is now the recovery vehicle, the Berge-Aktros.

It will have a crane, two spades (front and rear), a large toolbox, and some other stuff.

This is the base beam to which the crane will be mounted.
Here are the three superstructures in comparison.

More Dei Greci for 2008

Well, now that I have most of my small airmobile vehicles and the Thantalos Air Assault Carrier designed and (at least once) built, I have to look a bit into my future plans for the Dei Greci.
My idea is to have a Imperial Guards army that consists of 3 pillars:
  • The XIX Guards Regiment - a "standard" IG regiment, with the doctrines:
    - Iron Discipline
    - Sharp Shooters*
    - Xeno Specialist* - Ork
    - Plated Armor*
    - Guards*
    *I'm not sure if these are the correct names, as I translated them from the German version
  • 7th Airmobile Regiment - these are the main Dei Greci users.
    For these I don't have the doctrines yet, as I will need some tailor made doctrines. But it will use the following unit org:
    -HQ with Atropos & Kommisar
    2x LasCan with Ponos
    2x heavy bolter with Ponos
    -Standard with "normal" airmobile troops" plus a possible HW-squad with 3 Mortars
    -Elites with
    3x Kratos Assault Gun
    -Fast Attack with
    1x Alecto
    3x Orthos AA
    -Heavy Support with either
    3x Tisiphone PLUS 1x Kairos
    or 3x Hephaistos
  • The third pillar will be the 8th Armored Battlegroup, which will mostly use the standards Armored Battlegroup rules.

So, the next itmes I'm going to work on, are the vehicles for the 8th Armor.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all of you!
I hope you had a good start and I wish you and your family a healthy and prosperous 2008.