Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Gothica (3)

Hi all,
thank you for the feedback and suggestions.

Since my last post I was thinking a lot about adding a shield.
I don't know why, but somehow I have the feeling she needs a shield.

So here's the first try.
That was too big!
So I made it smaller and positioned it lower.
Putting this aside for a moment I finished her right arm by sculpting an armored glove.
Based on feedback from Facebook I decided to make the shield smaller once more.
That's a lot better now, and I think it balances the figure nicely.
I used Milliput to sculpt a leathery and worn finish.
In position.
I think the original sculpt of the shoulder (red) pretty much suggests the position of the arm and thus the position of the shield, does it not?
So here she is :)
Finally I added rivets to the shield and completed the brooch for the coat.
Gothica, the Vampire Warrior Princess :)
I'd like to call her (sculpting) complete. But I'll let her sit a few days before I decide.
In the meantime all the paints and stuff are already packed, so I won't be able to do anything else anyway ;)
The move is still scheduled for the 16th of December.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Gothica (2)

Hi all,
thank you for your feedback - it means a lot to me.

Speaking of feedback - on DakkaDakka it was pointed out that the weapon was probably too long and the shaft too thin.
I based the size on the original spear
But the new weapon has a bigger and heavier blade, so I cut the shaft shorter.
and started with the arm and shoulder armor.
Then I added ornaments to the shaft, making it thicker at the same time.
Looks better now (Thank you Anvildude)
obviously the lower part got the ornaments too.
Another armor section for the upper arm.
While the shoulder armor cured I added a new seam to the coat on the finished side.
Then the final shoulder section.
And the next evening I added a new seam and folds to the other side of the coat
Close to finished. I'll add a new ornament/medallion for the coat
So this is as far as I got.
What do you think?

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Gothica (1)

Hi all,

as previously noted I'm in process of moving. The house is coming along nicely with most of the renovation already done. Our target date for the move is still the 16th of December.
So most of my man-cave is already packed.
The "Executioner" diorama is also packed and awaits unpacking and re-evaluation on how to finish it. But I need some time away from it to determine if there's still anything to do or if I call it done.

With everything packed away I thought I wouldn't do any hobby work until the move. I started some computer games, but none really captivated me.
By sheer luck I came across a second hand Boudicca bust.

Many of you have already seen this wonderful sculpt by Pedro Frenández.
It is available at FeR Miniatures.

Most Boudicca's I have seen so far follow the traditional paint scheme of a red haired woman.
There aren't many modifications I have seen so far, except for this really nice Elf version.
The bust I came across was dirt-cheap, and when it arrived I realized why.
It was in bad shape with many small pieces of the hair and braids broken off. There was also a considerable amount of some kind of plaster in some of the deeper recesses.
Apparently the original owner tried to make a mold, was VERY unsuccessful and decided to sell it and cut his losses.
I'm not very upset, as the price already suggested there was something wrong.

However, in the state she was in I'm unable to make a "standard" Boudicca.
So after some back and forth I decided to try a Gothic vampire warrior princess *lol*

Unfortunately I forgot to take an image of her initial condition.
Here you can see her after I shaved most of front tunic and belt off. In addition you can see some of the pencil marks of what I plan.
She will wear some heavy leather armor for the chest and arms, with lighter leather mesh underneath. Most likely in a very dark red. 
First she got some longer eye lashes, a gem on her forehead as well as some neck/throat armor.
On her chest I also added some structured material - not really chain mail, but similar.
I used the same structure for her arm.
In addition her main braid got a new ornament as well as the gem on her forehead.
I have never done a bust before and haven't spent much time on a plinth so far. As a working base was planing to use this piece...
But for the time being, I glued her to a metal lid.
Here you can see additional details on her chest line as well as the leather mesh for her lower abdomen.
The lower part of the arm also got the mesh structure.
The following day I started with the lower section of the leather armor.
With some first details at the seams and the hip armor.
The next evening I added the actual beast armor - as you can see I'm aiming for a worn and battered look with marks and scratches.
With the cure time for the GreenStuff of several hours I can only do a small section per evening.
So the next evening I completed most of the chest armor.

 Then I closed the last gap on the front with a gem and ornament and mounted her arm.
As you can see I also changed her spear against the weapon I had originally created for Allayah
And I started to sculpt her leather armor for the upper arm.
I'm quite pleased with her appearance so far.
So what do you think?
Any suggestions or criticism?

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Hi all,
thank you for your feedback and patience :)

With the first work in the house hobby time becomes sparse.
But I was able to continue with the interior.

First was to complete the bridge and unmask the see-through windows.
The pilots with their HUD
The commander of the ship looking down at his display screen - I just realized he resembles the aged Luke Skywalker from the Force Awakens, doesn't he?
So here's the upper part of the THANATOS seen from the outside.
and from the front.
With this completed I painted the passenger bay.
Lots of weathering and scratches.
Then I took a deep,long breath, gritted my teeth and first sprayed the shadow corners with a black wash, brightened the center area lit by the overhead lights, and finally sprayed the red light effect.
And here we are - mostly done...
As you can see I also brightened the Executioners front, to make her stand out some more.
What do you think?
Still have to do some cleanup.
Still time to do some fixes - any recommendations, feedback, suggestions?