Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Monster Rider (3)

Hi all,

in the last post I stopped at the decision point for the monster's head.
The initial idea for the Wolp'er-Tingah* was something close to human. 

*Wolp'er-Tingah - some of my German readers may chuckle, as there is a taxidermist tradition of mixing animals to create a Wolpertinger - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wolpertinger  

As mentioned in the previous post I was thinking about a human head for the beast.
So I quickly sketched some ideas.
First something wage and ghostly
Then a bit more human
but even this human version didn't really convince me.
So I quickly sketched a dragon-style head and left it at that for the night.
The next day I looked at the options again and decided to take the dragon route.
So I added some basic eyes and a gums for the upper jaw
Then I started to block out the nose and lips
some of the cheek lines
More facial details
Eyebrows and wrinkles
Starts to look properly angry
With dragon skin
The next evening I started with the lower jaw
Basic jaw line
At this state I did a pose check
Relatively big, I probably have to beef up some sections of the body...
But continuing with the dragon-style I started to flesh out the neck

With the neck-muscles 
Still toothless
but already cool looking
At that time I did another all-around check and left it for the night.
The next evening I continued with the dragon skin for the lower jaw and neck
And I sculpted the tongue
Ready for some dental work
So I created a bunch of teeth from GreenStuff
The next evening I inserted the teeth and sculpted the teeth ridge
Now that's a proper smile 
With the left over GreenStuff I sculpted the mounting points for the reins as well as some horns
Since I always wanted to repeat a fiery-skin effect as I did with the Tar'Akoona dragon
I added a patch of this skin to the right side - at the same time beefing up the mass back there
And the thigh on the left also got some extra mass
With this the basic build for the Wolp'er-Tingah is completed
I'm quite pleased so far
Last night I finally began the rider
Though my cat wasn't quite pleased with the stinger...
...I was able to fix it - with some battle damage 😉
So here's the basic shape and pose for the rider
Ah, looks better with the reigns
So this is as far as I got.
What do you think?
Comments, suggestions?
I look forward to your feedback.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Monster Rider (2)

Hi all,

well after looking up some reference material I realized a birds leg would be to spindly and fragile for the Monster.

So a dragon-style leg it is.
Once pleased with the shape I applied the dragon skin surface
It is a rather large front paw
But in the overall appearance it will balance out.
I've been asked what I use for the dragon skin pattern.
I have a set of hexagon rods into which I drilled small indentations with the hand drill. When I press these into the sculpey it creates a nice reptile skin pattern.
Looking at the overall appearance again, I decided to beef up the right thigh some more and give it a bit more mass
As Anvildude on DakkaDakka pointed out, the stinger of a scorpion is not pointed down, but rather forward. So I reshaped the stinger.
Last night I sculpted the left hand, propped up against a pillar
I modeled the appearance to look like sick, wild flesh
And since I had nothing better to do with the evening (LIE!) I experimented with some extra scales
Each is formed individually - but I think this was worth it.
With this most of the creatures body is done
Still have to do the abdomen and neck, and of course the head
I'm still tempted to try an aggressive looking human head...