Thursday, September 27, 2012

Swift, Silent & Deadly (1)

Hi all,
Thank you very much for your positive feedback.
The image of the Orkalypse was quite visible in the community and I received a lot of feedback. On my facebook page, on CMON, as well as on BoLS.
So, thank you very much - this is a great uplift for my morale :)

Well, even during the Orkalypse build and paint process I was conducting a lot of Internet research, especially on Amphibious Assault and Beach Landing (as the PONOS looks rather amphibious and many of you suggested to build a beach landing dio).
During that research I stumbled accross some images that sparked a new idea.
The first one was this here:
 It shows two Marins of the USMC Recon landing on a beach. Wow, their pose projects such a strong message, really tense.
So I looked a bit into the unit and found their crest and credo:

 Swift, Silent, and Deadly.

In addition I also stumbled accross a lot of night vision images, such as this here:

Well, you know me :)
If I have such a strong idea, I need to build it.
The idea is to have some Special Forces infiltrating an Ork complex to do "force recon" - sabotage, assasination, cause havoc.

With this in mind I assembled a small base (actually a lid of a storage glass) and 3 troopers.
Not exactly the same pose, but I think I can make this work.

So I thought about an Ork complex and how to display it on such a small area and decided to concentrate on an area directly behind the fence/wall, showing the breach where my team entered.
Since the troopers are operating clandestine, they can't really use a laser rifle or a bolter, so I decided to go for some silenced rifles. Here you can see the scopes and supressors.
Then I did another posing test...
...and decided to rearrange them a bit.
To make the scene a bit more dramatic I decided to add a dead Ork.

Afterthat I worked on some more details.
Like adding twin magazines and folding stock to the rifles.
Well, since it's going to be some night action, they also need night vision goggles.
They also received some midified backpacks.
And here they are in the scene:
Here you can see the implet mines or explosives they will use.

So what do you think so far?
What do you think of the idea to paint the whole thing in green night vision colors?
Any ideas, suggestions, tips?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Orkalypse Now - HQ images

So here we go!
Here are now the high quality images of the "Orkalypse Now" diorama.
It all started out with this plan,
And this was the completed build.
And here is the result