Monday, August 30, 2010

Tiger Taxi completed!

Finally (despite participating in the Beta Test for World of Tanks) I was able to finish the last member of the Tiger Team as well as the little tug, thus completing the CHARON (Tiger Taxi) diorama.

It was very unfortunate for the project that I received an invitation for the beta test of World of Tanks. It's pretty fun driving tanks around on small 15 vs 15 battlefields :)
It is a bit like counterstrike, just with WWII tanks.
Won't keep me long, but it is fun ... and did steal quite a lot of my hobby time.
Luckily they have a server standby for a few days for the new patch, so that gave me back the time I needed to complete the Tiger Taxi.

First I completed Petty Officer 3rd Class Filsinger (he was 90% completed anyway, so just some minor highlighting).

Then I mounted him in the door of the CHARON.

Cool dude :)

Next up was the little tug - the Hooker

That one was also 85% completed and only needed some weathering and damage.

Looks pretty cool.

And that completes the diorama.
So here's a fly-around with all actors in place:

And a bit closer:

With a bit of a backdrop - I love this perspective!

And in the cabinet.

I hope you enjoyed the build and I wanted to thank you all for your help, comments, feedback, encouragement, and brilliant suggestions.
I already have the next project aligned - Code name: NIGHTHAWK
This will really be 100% ON the ATHENA and not stand-alone like the CHARON. I'm still in the planing stage, but close to begin building ... lets just hope the WoT servers reamin offline a few more days *grin*

Monday, August 16, 2010

Tiger Team (11)

I'm a bit behind schedule, but I have a good excuse too.
On the 11th we celebrated our 11th Wedding Anniversary in a cosy little Hotel, with an excellent restaurant:

It was a very enjoyable and pleasant stay.
Nevertheless, I did work on the Tiger Team diorama.
Here you can see the two completed ground crew members, Seaman Petrov (left) and Petty officer 1st Grade Paarik.

And then I positioned them on the base.

Obviously "the Hooker" is not finished yet.

Then I started to paint the remaining Special Forces, applying the basic camo scheme.

Then more details.

Until they were ready for washing.

Here you can see them after the washing.
Petty Officer 3rd Class Filsinger:

Seaman Apprentice Mbeng.

Petty officer 2nd Class O'Donnel

And Chief Petty Officer Sherman.

Before applying the details and highlights, I worked on the Hooker.

Applying all the base colors.

The first team member to be completed was Chief Petty Officer Sherman.

And in position on the board.

Then Petty Officer 2nd Class O'Donnel was completed.

And positioned on the base.

The last member I finished last night was Seaman Apprentice Mbeng.

As you can see by the look on his face, he's not quite happy to stand so close besides Ilse :)

So all that's left is now Petty Officer 3rd Class Flisinger and the little Hooker vehicle.