Unfinished Projects
This is kind of my "Hall of Shame" with projects in various stages of completion that (at least so far) never made it to the finish line.
Some of this I really want to pick up again, some I'm just not sure about.

Well the number 1 project is the ATHENA.
But she will definately see more work, and she's far from being abandoned :)

Another project in the shelf is the Can Opener.
Originally planned for the Summer of Heroes competition it entered the first paint stages when I got distracted. I'm relatively certain that I will pick this baby back up and complete it.

This was a very cool idea and I would love to pick this one back up. Since it will show a lot of action inside of the model a lot of painting has to be done "in-progress", which always holds up, and I need to do most of it with OSL.
I'm slowly getting the hang on OSL, so there is a chance I will continue with the Dirtmuncha.

Aaah, one of my over-ambitious projects.
I packed so much stuff into it, I'm not sure I will ever get to completing it.
On the other hand side, I was able to extract 3 ideas and models out of it and finish them as stand-alone items:
So who knows, maybe I can revive this diorama.

Another project I created for a contest. I couldn't quite finish it in time. One of the Dreads needs its paintjob completed and the diorama base needs some more love - actually it needs some fleeing IG troopers too...

Actually this was also a nice project with a kind of court martial on the streets.
Quite a lot of models (15 I think) a custom build automobile and a dread and I wanted to try some new color theories and experiment with de-saturated colors.
Can't even remember why I didn't finish this one...
...ah, of course....a competition...the Kill Shot!

A very unique tank with a (IMHO) cool diorama setting.
It was very well on the way to completion and painting went excellent, but I was distracted by another contest (Summer of Heat - which resulted in Tar'Akoona)
I really hope I can pick this one back up. The tank is really worth it :)

Actually a sub-project to the ATHENA this is a scene with the VTOL STRIX aircraft, the Nighthawk and its female pilot.
This project was interupted by the Line Breaker contest (Green Knaits)
... hmm, maybe I shouldn't try to participate in these contests any more...

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