Monday, February 28, 2011

Inquisitor Hellsryche (4)

CAUTION: Another large update with 60+ images.

Sorry for the delay in updating, but at least I was very busy, at the large update will prove :)
I continued with Hellsryche and started to work on his cloak

It still needs some improvement and cleanup.

While the GS cured I started on "Brother Luthar", Hellsryches escort.

I modified his right leg, as well as the armour plates.

The ornaments resemble a pawed cross,

Then Hellsryche received his hood.

As well as some more ornaments and stuff.

This is his position in the limo.

Then I put the pieces together to determine the size of the diorama base.

With this setup I think I will have interesting views from all angles.

In the next step, the limo received its windshield and a cooler grill.

Then one of the passenger seats received a mount for a bolter.

Then I added two small standards for the fenders.

as well as luggage on the rear fenders.

plus antennae on the rear.

The display base cut to the proper size.

Tape to hold the plaster in place.

Then I poured the first go of instant (MoltoFill) plaster.

For a while I thought to add a layer of styrofoam on the one forward side, but then realized this would take the focus from the central part.

While the plaster cured, I worked some more on the limo and added lights.

After the first layer cured, I added a barricade, so I could pour another layer of plaster for the road.

Once that cured, I smoothened the corners.

While the plaster cured, I decided to build a podestal that would hold the culprits. For this I used old sprues.

Additionally I got the idea to build a stake for the heretics.

The rear of the podestal is build like an ][

Then I started to scribble down the symbols and ornaments of the floor.

Slowly I scribed the symbols into the plaster.

It is tedious work (and gave me a blister), but I think it is really worth it.

To add more detail to the stake, I built a chain.


Cobblestone between the symbols.

And larger cobblestone for the road.

The actors on the stage.

Some rubble and debris in between

And finally everybody assembeld for priming.

I hope you like the progess so far.