Monday, May 31, 2010

Defense of Xantinum (19)

Thanks guys!

I had the idea to give the Spida-Walka a spidery face, and so I consructed a "face-plate" for the driva's cockpit :)

No real armour protection, but for the looks.

I kind of like the face :)

In the meantime I realized that the armor down to the claws didn't work out as I wanted (Thanks to theHman and Skywatcher for pointing this out), so I removed most of the armour again.
One of the front legs broek off, so I had to re-attach it (thus the tape). Then I added exhaust pipes,

and re-worked some of the armour on the front legs.

Once the glue for the leg cured, I covered it all up with putty, so it looks more like some textile covering of the joints.

Then several details and rivets.

So I think I have now the chassis completed and can now start with the platform - eventhough this partially depends if my package finally arrived with some more Grot bits. I did just get the SMS from the "Packstation" that a package arrived - so fingers crossed it is my package and not one for my wife ;-)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Defense of Xantinum (18)

Thanks :)

Last night I started to work on the hydraulics for the spida walka.
These are the ones for the tips of the legs...

First segment.
Wow, that's 16 piston sets for those 8 legs...

So a little mass production was required.

But once I had the pieces together, all I had to do was to put the two together, glue the connection points...

Place it in the proper position, adjust length if needed...

and that was it :)
Really quicker than I expected.

Here are all the hydraulics in place, and the platform positioned.

As you can see, the platform is rotatable...

Right now I'm thinking about adding the driva....maybe like in a spiders head position?

As you can see I also added some first armour plates to the legs, but there's more to come.

And if I keep the driva there, he will get some armour protection too :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Defense of Xantinum (17)

This is pretty much the position I found for the spida walker.
As you can see, I re-arranged the charging Orks a bit, as well as the dead ones. But it now leaves the whole of X3 free for another actor.

This is a level view from front.

From the walkers point of view.

From the "hero side"

And from X3.

While doing these shots, I realized that 3 legs are not properly positioned - one was in the air, the other two kind of twisted - so I took them off and re-positioned them.
While I was waiting for the glue to cure, I had one of my "brain-accidents" and came up with the "brilliant" idea to "tile" the ground....

Little did I know how much time that would take and how much work this would be :(

But I must admit, the result was worth the effort.

I didn't get anything else done last night, but still I'm rather pleased with the result.

And this image kind of indicates which weapon is finring where

So today I will hopefully add the hydraulics and stuff for the legs, so that I can begin to work on the platform over the weekend.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Defense of Xantinum (16)

Thanks guys :)
Well, now that I have most of the supporting actors in place it is time to look at the main Ork focuspoint(s).
Right from start I had the idea of an ork walker, but the experiments so far didn't work out the way I wanted them. So I scratched the Stompa-like walker, and I rejected the four-legged walker too.
So not 2 legs, not 4 legs....then try 8 legs *lol*
I saw this image on the GW website and the little cogwheels and gears started to spin in my head, slowly, but steadily...

So this was start...I want it to be Grot-manned...maybe with a nice gun on the platform...

Then I began to add legs.

Wow, 8 legs that's a lot of piping and a lot of...well...legs.

And it takes a lot of room too :(

After this photo I did some more experiments with postioning, and I think I found a good, plausable position for it - takes some moving of dead bodies, but managable.
As said, I want this walker to be manned by Grots, with maybe a triple or quadruple gun on the platform - but maybe jammed?
In that position, he would be targeted by the heavy bolter, the autocannon of Rambo, and I think the bolter from the cannoness.
And in that position I hopefully have neough room in the top right to position a "real" unit - speak an Ork Boss...I never thought I could run out of space...*lol*
OK, well, lets complete the spida walker first, then look at the boss.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Defense of Xantium (15)

To take a break form painting, I worked some more on the "actors".

Here's another little side-show I started. Another Space Hulk termie, catching a Grot.

He will most likely be positioned in the lower left corner of the diorama.

Also I started to follow the fields of fire from the various actors to see where I need to place targets.

More work on the Grot.
He's now shaking his fist at the termie and in the foreground you can see his "Boom-Pak" :)

I had to sculpt a new jacket for him, so it better fits into the termies fist.

I think it looks good.

Then I started on a new idea.
The Grot Ninja

and began to sculpt his tunic.

Added the mask

and details - like belt and sheaf.

I really love his determined look :)
Then I started on a wounded Sergeant on the steps.

Looks like he was taken down by an explosion and is now about to be finished.
Then I filled the area with more debris, leftovers, and a bodycount.

Here you can see the wounded Sergeants opponent, as well as three downed Orks.
They still need some sculpting as well as the spikes for the Stachelnschweinz.

Here you see another three Orks that are charging onto the area, and are hailed by a salvo of fire from Sister Karmelina's golden Bolter - they too need sculpting, but I won't add splatter - I think...

And here you can see the current status of the diorama.
As indicated by the three areas X1, X2, and X3, I still need some main actors.

Area X1 is the target of the heavy bolter and the cannoness.
Area X2 is the target of the Rambo style dude with the autocannon.
Area X3 has no one firing into, but are in the path of the rifle swinging officer, the wounded Sergeant, and of course the downed Sister Emilia....
Time for some Ork creativity.... :D