Monday, October 27, 2014


Hi all,

sorry for the long silence, but my shoulder really got the best of me.
Sleepless nights full of pain burnt most of my energy and I was hardly able to do anything.
A very sincere thanks to all of you writing and commenting, asking for my well being.

Well, I finally had my operation on 8th October, and I think it's the best thing I could've done.
Even directly after the OP (though looking rather pale) I could already feel the improvement in my shoulder.

And the next day I was already looking and feeling rather good :)

All that's left are the stitches, which were removed this week.

Now it's lots of physio-therapy and exercising to get the muscles and sinews back in running order.
I started working on a little hobby piece for a Halloween contest, but holding a model for painting isn't quite working yet.

But you also know I can't sit still without anything hobby related.
So I decided to play around with some larger scale stuff.
Using clay.
Here's kind of witch/hag mask for Halloween.
The rough start...

and with details.

some different light settings.

I think I like the way she turned out :)

So I decided this week to start something more ambitious.
I call it "Slug Hunter" and will hopefully end up as decoration for my garden.
Here's an early shot - some of you may remember the pose from the "Stalinz Orkan" project.
Namely "Nuton" -

Once I had the basic shape, I started to add details, such as the boots and belly button.

Some better defined arms and detailed boots as well as knee pads.

And after 3 days I added the loin cloth, glove, attire, and the start of his jacket.

Also the slug received its "face"

And then came the hardest part, when I had to cut him open, to remove the supporting aperture as well as hollowing out the inside (this is necessary for clay burning)

Luckily I got this with only minor damage,

but one of the legs broke.
I fixed it, but now it has to cure a bit before I can continue to work on the Slug Hunter.

And before getting bored, I decided to try something completely different :D

So sorry for the "off-topic" stuff, but I'm mightily glad to be back in my man-cave and get things done.
Thank you for sticking around.
I hope to have some real hobby updates soon.