Monday, April 29, 2013

The Victors (5)

Hi all,
I hope you had a nice weekend.
I had a very productive and busy weekend.

Based on your feedback I took the Commissar apart again and looked for better arms and poses.
One possible option is the arm with the cane form the Command Squad sprue.
Looks rather natural.
Another option was this sword hand from the Forgeworld Tallarn sprue (but it's a right hand)
I finally settled on the sword and hand from the mechanical arm out of the IG Command Squad sprue.
Satisfied with the pose I added more ornaments.
And then the crew was ready for priming and painting!
I started with the road as this piece determines the light and most of the situation of the scene.
After the initial coat with (Vallejo) Khaki, I added streaks of Terracotta and Green.
The ornaments were painted in Terracotta, Dwarf Bronze, and Bubonic Brown.
Time for washes!
I then positioned the tank and the Ork to determine the shadows.
While the troopers received their first licks of paint, you can see the road in the background with the shadows of the tank, gun barrel and foot soldiers.
Since I goofed up the flag while priming, I decided to start with the flag.
It took me most of Saturday afternoon and night to do the flag
Especially since I had to do both sides.
But I'm very pleased with the result.

Sunday saw detail work on the troopers.
Base colors applied,
and ready for washes.

The first to be completed was the tank commander
"Hey Bruce!"
Next was the loader.
And finally I completed the bow gunner.
I hope I can make more progress today.
What do you think?

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Victors (4)

As mentioned yesterday, my order from Mad Robot Miniatures arrived.
I had ordered one set of each
-Beret Heads
-Bald Heads
-Boonie Hats
-Tanker Heads Classic 
-Colonial Defense Heads
-Heads with Aviator Sunglasses
-Marine Utility Heads
-Personalities Set
Here you can see a close-up of the Heads with Aviator Sunglasses.
Absolutely sharp details and excellent cast.
The first soldier to get his head was the driver, with a standard Tanker Head.
Perfect fit!
For the TC I selected the Bruce Willis head from the Personalities Set.
Due to the shoulder ornaments, it looks a bit funny - like missing his neck.
A small blob of Greenstuff, sculpted to a scarf solves this quickly.
The flag bearer got a yelling head from the Beret set - fits the pose so naturally, almost like custom made.
The guy with the drink got a head from the Sunglasses set, cool pose, cool head.
The loader got another standard Tanker Head.
This is a standard GW head from the IG Command Squad sprue.
The well known and well used Sergeants head.
Another head from the GW command sprue.
For this wounded soldier the friendly Sunglasses Head was the natural selection :)
And a Sentinel Pilot's head completes the troop.
The Commissar gave up his rifle (Thanks Vik for the feedback)
 The Commissar still needs sculpting work, everything else is now complete.
What do you think of the Commissar? Is the pose proper now with the sword?
Finally I exchanged the wire cable for the Ork with a Greenstuff rope.
I think this is better now.
So, what you you think?
Suggestions, feedback, comments?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Victors (3)

 Last night I began to sculpt the longcoat for the Commissar.

Still needs many details and the right shoulder area needs cleanup.

But the pose comes together nicely now.

While the coat cured, I started on the road.

First I did a final positioning check to see where all the protagonists will be

to determine where to do any ornaments.

Then I started to scribe the cobblestone pattern into the plaster


After that I drew the first ornament - a stylized Griffin -

and scratched it into the plaster

The other end of the road received the lower part of a skull (nothing spectacular)

 Last thing yesterday night was to place every piece in its final position,

and pin every figure there.




You may have realized that there are no heads on the troopers yet.
The reason is that I waited for a delivery by Mad Robot Miniatures.


It just arrived!
So with any luck I will be able to select heads tonight (I have art class though, so not sure how much time I'll have).

SDKFZ on Warseer was inquiring about the camo pattern I plan to use on the Nachtmahr.
My initial plan was to use the standard Dencara Tiger Flash, like on the HERCULES, but there are also suggestions for a parade paint job (like on the ZEUS), or a more sinister, dark "Night Camo".
I found this "Fiddler" on CMON by Darkmessiah and I could envision this camp pattern for the Nachtmahr.

What do you guys think?