Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ghosts in the Rubble - FINISHED!

As promised here are the images I did in the lightbox


Ghosts in the Rubble (5)

Hi all,
I made good progress over the last few days and since I had a day off today, I was able to finish the dio!

After applying the base colors I looked into a symbol for the shoulder patches. I'm not really sure why, but I wanted to do something with an eye - like the Egyptian Ra or the all-seeing eye on top of the pyramid. After a lot of doodling around I came up with this abstraction.
I really like it, so I decided to draw it onto all the shoulder pads.
And on both sides.
Here are all the Imperial troopers with their base colors.
Then they got some washes.
First a wash of Devlan Mud or Agrax Earthshade,
then a wash of Badab Black or Nuln Oil,
then a wash of Seraphim Sepia for the skin areas,
and another go of black for the shades.

Once the washes dried I applied the highlights.
Here are the first four troopers
And all of them!
I'm quite happy how they look in their new home.
Later today I will post some more high quality images in the lightbox.
I hope you like how this little scene turned out.
I look forward to your C&C

Monday, January 27, 2014

Ghosts in the Rubble (4)

Hi all,
a whole week since the last update. Sorry.
But I have images :)

@Random Guy and Stewart Boughflower - thanks :) I agree the POLEMOS is one of my best vehicles I think. And an after-party producer shows interest in it too :)
Thanks guys!

@Malevengion - Thanks :)
How did I weather the POLEMOS?
Well, first I gave it a very thorough wash with a brown wash (similar to Devlan Mud or the new Agrax Earthshade). Once this was dried I gave it another wash with black (similar to Badab Black or the xxx oil - the replacement for Badab). Once this was also dried I gave it another go with the black, but this time accentuated on the darker area, picking out recesses or things like hinges on the hatches.
Then I applied a very dark brown-grey mix with the sponge around the most used/damaged areas.
Followed by Boltgun Metal with a brush on larger damages or exposed corners.
Finally I used a pencil along most corners - this give them a nice metallic shine.
I think that's all :)

So I started with the attacking Orks.
Since I want them to be like "Ghosts in the rubble" they needed special urban camo too and I decided to give them simply a grey-scaled version of their Flecktarn pattern.

All the base colors applied

Even with these simple colors they already fit nicely into the diorama.

Then they got a nice and thorough wash with black and brown.

While the wash dried, I made some more images of the POLEMOS and the base on a neutral background.

I also want to make sure the (living) Orks eyes are glowing in the dark.

The finished Orks and light effects on the board.

You may notice the light effects of the Molotov's are darker, more orange, less flashy than the effects of the muzzle flashes.

And finally last night I started on the Imperial troopers.
They use the same urban camo pattern as the special forces in "The Ork with the Golden Missile"

Well, that's all I got for this week.
I hope you enjoyed today's update and I look forward to your C&C.