Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Hi all,
again thank you very much for your feedback and suggestions! I really appreciate the participation :)

Malevengion suggested to add a wreck to the scene.
So I looked through my stash of vehicles that I could use.
In the end I decided to use the KRATOS Assault Gun (http://fischers-design-shop.blogspot.de/2007/08/3d-kratos-airborne-assault-gun.html) I created in 2007 and "modify" it to the scene :)
And I positioned it to the left side.
The actual setting of the scene also changed.
The story I choose is set on Dencara V, where the Governor of Port Singh, on the Terra Perpierit became corrupted by the Chaos and called out a revolution.
In the typical Dencaran style the response will be swift and thorough...

So the scene is now set in the courtyard of the Governors palace, where the assault force lands.
The corrupted occupants wasted no time and began converting the palace to Chaos...
On DakkaDakka Anvildude suggested to use some mud and water splashes for the scene.
Unfortunately Dencara is very dry and desert-like planet.
But hey! With a revolution ongoing, there will be blood. Lot's of blood. Puddles of blood :)
So I poured some water effects on the base where the blood will gather.
Unfortunately the plaster is very porous and so the water effects vanished over night.
I will re-pour them after the scene is primed :)

And this brings me to another new  element of the scene.
I decided to leave the TAUROS off - he will get his own little scene together with the Quad - and instead add an "executioner" - thank you whalemusic360:
...really get an inquisitor stealth landing craft vibe from the whole thing. Not sure if you read the HH novels, but the one with the assassin team that sets out to kill Horus has a ship, and this is pretty much what was in my head...
These 3 are from the newest Raging Heroes range "Daugthers of the Crucible" amazing minis.
So here is now the assemble gathered on the stage
Dr H and Red Harvest on DakkaDakka suggested:

That would be the guy working the automatic weapon to give covering fire to the assault troops. I think it would be a nice addition. Perhaps the weapon is suspended from the ceiling?
And so I added these two troopers covering from the inside of the passenger bay.
No assault goes without causality and so one of the machine gunners bit the dust...
But the commander of the turret is defiant :)
Some of you may remember Commisar Kalteisen - aka "Little Lenin" from 2009 ( http://fischers-design-shop.blogspot.de/2009/05/hektor-ogryn-bodyguard-final.html ).
I decided to use him as the Captain of the THANTOS on the bridge - removing the captains chair.
Additionally I added some dead Cultists and some little flames.
And with that I was ready to start riveting...
So here I am :)
What do you think of the change of story and the new setting?
Ideas, suggestions, improvements?
I look forward to your comments!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Hi all,
thank you for your feedback and suggestions!
I really appreciate you participating :)

So I finished the Dencara Tauros, by adding camouflage netting and all the other little details.
I am quite pleased with the result.
And it fits into the passenger bay.
hehe :)

Well, this ain't old-fashioned programming, this is rivet making.
While recovering from rivet making I started to figure out the actual scene.
Here you can see where I envision the light to spill....
Hmm, maybe a round base?
While tinkering with these ideas (and it was at night, so I couldn't use the saw) I continued with details.
Like creating the lights and sights for the turret.
The next day I cut half of the wooden plate rectangular and the other half to a circle - so I still have the option to select either.
Then I positioned the troopers
After the initial positioning I decided I need an officer leading - this is an interesting mix of Eisenkern Valkir and Imperial Scion parts - and honestly, I love how the guy turned out!
I also added a flame trooper - for the sheer effect of a flame thrower at night :D
And another heavy Eisenkern with a "big gun".
So, please take a look at the composition.
Is it too static, would you position differently?
What are your thoughts here?

Right now I'm going with the idea of the round base and started to cover it in instant plaster.
And positioned the ship on it (also to leave impression marks on the ground).
And this is where I am now.
Please let me know what you think.
I look forward to your feedback!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Hi all,
thank you for your feedback and suggestions.

Since the last update I created an "automatic grenade launcher" like the US M19 AGL.
And I mounted it on the back of the quad, together with a dynamically posed gunner.
 But then I had doubts and checked the height with the passenger bay...
Too high!
I could pose it on the ramp
but sooner or later one of you would measure :)
So, back to the drawing board.
Instead of a quad, why not a Tauros based vehicle?
I also created a small gouge to ensure the proper height this time :)
First shapes.
Putty for the body
At this point I realized the tires are kind of narrow.
So I started the widen them.
GreenStuff can be your saviour.
Body mostly completed.
But not much space left.
So a very low turret is needed.
Twin Automatic Grenade Launchers in a small automated turret, with fold-down antennae.
Tight fit :)
I still need to do some cleanup, but I think I'm about 90% done.
 What do you think?
Anything still missing, some gross errors?