Thursday, November 29, 2018

Erebus - a new tank (hopefully)

Hi all,

wow, it's been a long time again and another project abandoned...
The year actually started rather good with 4 completed projects (Ice Warriors, Bitter End, Gothica II, and the Guardian), but now towards the mid and end of year I lost most of my Mojo and the "Dragons Den" and "Hermes Air Assault" died a slow and quiet death :(

But now I feel the itch again.
I have a vague idea for a diorama, but it may well change during the build process.
To start I will build another tank - based on the same chassis as the EPIALES and POLEMOS below.
Its called EREBUS - the Greek God of Darkness and Shadow.
Based on my old notes I've drawn out the outlines for the hull sides,
and put the basic hull together.
After closing the front (and filling gaps with Green Putty) I assembled the fenders and hull sides.
Once the front was sanded and smooth I mounted the fenders.
Well, and this is as far as I got.
Maybe you can the the pencil marks for "entry". Here I want to leave the option to have the small ramp open and maybe show some interior.
But no promises - only if I feel like :D

So here's the new EREBUS besides the EPIALES
I also have to look for some more T-54 roadwheels and tracks...
I hope I can find some cheap ones - or a good alternative.
If not I would have to think about making it an anti-grav tank...
But that doesn't really fit the fluff used so far.
Oh well...

So this is it for today.