Thursday, June 30, 2011


Thanks guys,

Last night I tried to continue with the current paint pattern, and added the 3rd color...
Looks horrible!
Absolutely not what I wanted...

After fiddeling around for a while I decided to start anew with the standard Dencara disruptive pattern.
For this I applied a new coat of Terracotta color.

Then I used Ocre to make the base pattern.

this already looks a lot better on the diorama, don't you think?

Next I sprayed the inner lines with Mahagoni.

This is as far as I got last night...

There's still some inner lines to do and then a lot of cleanup.

As well as the turret and gun still needs to be done.

So what do you think?
Is this the better pattern?


Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Thanks everyone,
I really appreciate your support.
@GunGrave - yes, I was busy, but since it was a national holiday on Thursday in Germany I had a 4-day weekend, with a lot of time :)

Well, some of you voiced concerns about the aerial recognition flag I have planned, so I figured I'd give it a try and see if I have to change plans.
First I transferred my rough design with a pencil.

Then I started the eagle and the outside with Scab Red

Next was the inner disk in white. As you can see the plan was to have a thick black border.

But since it didn't turn out the way I expected it, I decided to omit the black border and fill the disk completely with white.

I like th eway it looks on the tank :)

Still a lot of detailing and shading,

but a good start I think.

As menitoned I plan to pain the HERCULES in a WWII 3-color German Ambush pattern.
So I gave it a base coat of dark yellow and then the first pattern with mahagoni - using Vallejo Air colors.

Only 2 colors so far, but it looks promising...

But on the bridge/diorama itself, it looks VERY yellow, don't you think?

I'm a bit disappointed...

So now I have to decide if I change the whole color scheme to a more red-ish base color, or if I keep it as it is, apply the 3rd color (a lighter brown, as a green wouldn't make sense on Dencara, would it?), and then see if the application of red dust and pigments, as well as some dirt will help to harmonize the colors better.
What do you guys think?
Continue and hope for red dust and dirt, or try something more red, like this here:

Please let me know what you think.

Monday, June 27, 2011


Hello and thanks :)
Well, since the last update I pretty much completed the build.
I added some damage to the HERCULES.

And then I decided to add a little extra to the atmosphere...some bugs :)

Another little detail will be some roadsigns, like these 4 finger boards,

or this damaged sign with the name of the bridge.

And this completes the actual build.

So on Friday I primed everything.

Looks like the Lilly cat is quite exhausted form all the helping :)

Primed and ready to rock!
Since I'm not 100% sure yet how I will do the HERC, I decided to start with the terrain first, and adjust the HERC to it.

According to the fluff for the Dencara system the landscape is rather Marsian.
As you can see, I already left the area under the bridge considerably darker than the rest.

Then I worked on the lava, starting with Scab Red.

Then Blood Red,

next a 1:1 mix of Blood Red and Blazing Orange,

Blazing Orange

then 2 mixes of Blazing Orange and Golden Yellow

Golden Yellow pure,

Then Sunburst Yellow,

and finally a mix of Sunburst Yellow and Skull White.

Then I added a little "shine" to the surrounding rocks.

With the lava complete I gave the bridge its base color.

as well as the road.

The roads ornaments received a Terracotta coating.

and the bridge recieved some more details.

Then it was time to begin with the road signs. Here is the name sign in its "pristine" state,

and then battered and torn in the gore.

The finger boards.

In case you can't read them, they point to:
XANTHIUM - the capitol of Dencara 5,
SERENA CITY - a larger outpost of the Scarabs
XANTH SACE PORT - the major space port outside of the capitol
KOETTING HEIGHTS - the end of the "habitable" area and the begining of the hot, rocky deserts (with a tip of the hat to the very patient Lord General Gordon).

With the terrain pretty much completed I started on my very first Tyranid ever.
I decided to try a "waspy" paint scheme with mainly black and yellow.

I think it will be pretty good.

I hope you like it.
Thanks for your time and I look forward to your feedback.