Working with pigments
For mayn dioramas the final stage of painting is to apply pigments.
There are a large variety of ready-to-use pigments in the market, but I personally prefer to use my own, homemade pigments.

For this I'm grinding Pastels and mix the powders as I need them.

Usually I have some powders mixed and waiting in pots already.
When using pigments I apply them with a large and dry brush.
I simply brush the powder to the spots I want them to be.
I add the diferent color pigments, sometime mixing them.

And then I use spitit to fixate the pigments. Usually I use the same brush, dip it in the spirit,
and then I carefully apply the spirit.


And this is how it can look after the spirit dried.

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  1. Love pigments.....getting into them heavly now!!