Friday, February 27, 2009

ZEUS super heavy (26)

Since I was sick the last few days, there was no update.

But I was able to continue with the ZEUS.
This time I did the freehand for the side-door/ramp. I had a rather good idea of what I wanted to do, as it was based on a medal - maybe one of you will recognize which medal I based it on?Anyhow, I started with the outlines in pencil, and then with thinned Bleached Bone

Then a second layer of thinned BB and first items in Red Gore - then Blood Red and Blazing Orange (the dark area is done with a brown airbrush ink.

Then I started to complete it with Shining Gold, starting with the XIX in the center

More Gold

Then I did the darker areas with thinned Tin Bitz and the highlights with a mix of Burnished Gold and Skull White

and mounted the ramp on the ZEUS again

Someone suggested to add a Battle/Honor roll/banner.

Unfortunately I couldn't find any good samples of Battle/Honor rolls or banners, so I made my own interpretion of one:

Punitor Imperatoris - "Punisher of the Emperor" is the ZEUS' official name
Xanthium was the defense of the Macropole of Dencara 5,
I. Purgare was the first "cleaning" campaign against the Orks
Camp Meridies was the first campaign into the southern hemisphere
FAC-WIP-07 was the "Fast Attack Contest" at WIP which my THANTALOS won
WSB08 was another contest at WIP
II. & III. Purgare was the second and third cleaning campaign
Camp II. Meridies was the second campaign into the southern hemisphere of Dencara 5

I think it fits nicely into the overall picture.

I finally finished the small Flamer turret that sits on top of the sponson:

Sorry for the slightly blurred images, but actually I'm pretty satisfied with the coloring of the barrel, with its brownish color, rather than just black.


Monday, February 23, 2009

ZEUS super heavy (25)

This weekend was slow on the ZEUS since I had to help out a friend and do a Chassis for his RC Helicopter real quick:

While looking at creating a Data Sheet for the ZEUS, I was looking into the transport capacity of it, and first I thought I could get two Chimeras or one Leman in it, but looking at these images...

I think only one vehicle will fit. Regardless if Chimera or Russ :(

Oh well, I continued with the side of the ZEUS, doing the outline for the onraments:



Friday, February 20, 2009

ZEUS super heavy (24)

Since I got tired of painting all these skulls I wnated to try something different.
I figured another slogan would be nice.
Maybe something involving the XIX Regiments Name.
Hmm.... lets try..... about....a skull!
Yeah, that'd be something completely different :-)

I only had a rough sketch in my head, so I began with the outlines in thinned Bleached Bone

Then I filled these outlines with more thinned BB and also did the XIX with Shining Gold.

Then some shading, Goblin Green for the laurel wreath, Gore Red for the eye sockets, and Skull White for the teeth.

Some highlighting with Skull White and a mix of Bleached Bone and Skull White

And another slogan:
"Si Imperatus nobiscum quis contra nos?" - "With the Emperor on our side, who shall be against us?"

Then completed the small-skull pattern around it, leaving the insides of the XIX black and letting the pattern kind of fade on the left

Mounted the fender back on the ZEUS

Whaddaya think?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

ZEUS super heavy (23)

Since the 3 large skulls on the VMB and the sides look a little plain or flat, I thought about ornamenting them.

So I tried to apply the skulls to them too - the first victim being the VMB

I think it looks rather good. What do you think?

Well, while awaiting your verdict, I started ornamenting the "fender".

And even for Dr. Quickskullz this is a large area with a looot of skulls.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

ZEUS super heavy (22)

Did I tell you allready, that I hate this blogger tool?
It creates a mess when you upload images, and doesn't keep the order of it either....
Oh well, let's see if I can make some sense here....

Here are some images of the top superstructure and the detailing.

The sights for the main gun.

The top section complete.

Then the next floor.
As you can see, I did the Volcano Cannon, plus I added another slogan banner:
"Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillantus" - Never wake a sleeping dragon.

And a slogan for the other side:
"Gaudete quia tandem Imperatoris lux venit" - Joy because the light of the Emperor has come

Then I started the outlines for all the ornaments of the next section

Added another slogan
"Semper Paratus" - Always ready.
Here's the rear section

Here is the Vulcan Mega Bolter (VMB)

Another rear shot

And the first Vanquisher turret:

And then its twin: