Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ogryn Bodyguard (6)

Slowly but surely, Hektor is nearing completion.
So far it's been a pleasurable journey, especially with your company :)

I finally got to do the banner - this time with Grennstuff, as it seems to be more solid and thus better feasable for a banner than the PS.

I also completed the other half of the longcoat.

then I removed the banner and Hektors head again, so I could better work on the remaining items.
Next was the shoulder armour.

Off course they need proper straps and stuff :)

and battle damage.

Some more details, like the rope on the banner post.

Added a large size drink-canteen.

And the team shot.

Little Lenin and Hektor

A real Hero Shot

So, what else is missing?
What details and stuff would you add? I plan some rivets on the armour plates for the legs and on the powerfist.
Anything else?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ogryn Bodyguard (5)

The poll is closed.
103 votes total - I am really, really excited - I never would've thought to spark this much interest.
The results of the vote are:
  • Paris: 4
  • Other: 4
  • Rex: 6
  • Emil: 8
  • Ajax: 22
  • Fritz: 24
  • Hektor: 35

Now all I have to decide is which of the Orgyn to name "Argus" (I really like this suggestion, so I WANT to use it, but I don't want to ignore your vote either). Most likely I will have Argus together with the Captain of the ZEUS on the bridge....we'll see.

OK, update time :)
Last night I first added details to the armour plating staps.
Then came the first sleve. (Here you can see that I still have to do some cleanup on the sword as well as removing the fingerprint on the lower arm)

I was hoping that it would still offer a view of the vein on the biceps, but well....
Then came the other sleve

I had to let this cure for a while.

And then I started with the two front sections of the longcoat,
as well as the right rear section.

So this is how Hektor looks as of this morning.
There's still a lot of cleanup and detailing to do, as well as the shoulder armour, and of course the banner.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Ogryn Bodyguard (4)

Wow! 89 votes!
I am really impressed by your participation - thanks guys!
Well, from the votes it seems like Hektor will be the name...or Argus....ah, that's soooooo hard....I like both choices....I'm afraid I will need to do two bodyguards... *grin*

So, where have I left off?
Right, Greenstuff vs Greystuff, boots and arms done.

So, next I started on the pants - first the right side.

What a lovely couple :-)

Here is the completed trouser.

Eventhough most of the leg will be covered by the armour plate, I tried to add some details.

Tight fit :-P

Then I started on the uniform shirt, while I taped the armour plates to the legs.

Here the plates are glued on, the shirt completed with buttons, the staps for the armour plates created, plus some minor details added.

Rear view (Note: Most of the back will be covered by the long coat)

Next I attached the armoured belt and a power cable to the powerfist. Oh, and the nametag, plus some detail on the chainsword handle.

I'm a bit sad that the belt and the nametag cover many of the details, but hey, that's the way I had it planned :-/

So next will be the actual longcoat.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Greenstuff or Greystuff?

Yesterday my latest order arrived.
A pack of Pro-Create modeling putty -
It comes in a practical plastic box with lid.

As you can see it comes in two wrapped bars - one is the resin and one the hardener.

So I gave it a try and took two even amounts of each and mixed them just like GS.

First impression?
It is softer than GS, so you may have to adjust your sculpting and modeling procedures, but is really easy to work with.
Here I started with the boots for the Ogryn.

The putty smoothens really nicely and is longer formable than GS, which is getting hard - not cured, just hard to form - rather quick.

Next I worked on a kind of powerfist or at least armored fist for the left hand.

it allready has some scars and scratches - I will still have to add rivets and stuff, but actually I'm pretty satisfied with this stage.

Next was the right arm.
I formed the biceps some more, worked on the elbow, as well as the lower arm muscles.

Obviously I also mounted the right hand with the chainsword.

I really like how the Ogryn progesses. The putty remains workable rather long, but seems to cure faster than GS.

So I will experiment some more with PC, but from first impressions, I prefer it to any GS.
Other than that, it seems that now Hektor is the most favored name (20 of 59 votes), eventhough Argus is a very tempting choice. I am really excited by all of your participation.
Thanks guys!