Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Hi all,
thank you for your feedback and patience :)

With the first work in the house hobby time becomes sparse.
But I was able to continue with the interior.

First was to complete the bridge and unmask the see-through windows.
The pilots with their HUD
The commander of the ship looking down at his display screen - I just realized he resembles the aged Luke Skywalker from the Force Awakens, doesn't he?
So here's the upper part of the THANATOS seen from the outside.
and from the front.
With this completed I painted the passenger bay.
Lots of weathering and scratches.
Then I took a deep,long breath, gritted my teeth and first sprayed the shadow corners with a black wash, brightened the center area lit by the overhead lights, and finally sprayed the red light effect.
And here we are - mostly done...
As you can see I also brightened the Executioners front, to make her stand out some more.
What do you think?
Still have to do some cleanup.
Still time to do some fixes - any recommendations, feedback, suggestions?

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Hi all,
thank you for your patience :)

With the light effects pretty much done I worked on detailing and highlighting the troopers.

Here is the Eisenkern Valkyr Sergeant - just a few little highlights, but I think they make a huge difference.
A little softer on the "darker" side
The other Valkyr with the muzzle effect with brighter and harsher highlight.
And the one in the softer light.
with the change to the colder, blue shine from the landing lights.
Is he looking surprised?
This image emphasized the light and color changes nicely and also it brings out the red lenses of the Scion solder.
Here comes the Flamer :)
The trooper with the grenade launcher, firing from the hip so to speak.

The character I was looking for the most was the Captain of the assault force.
Again I'm surprised how well the Eisenkern Varkyr and the Scion parts work together.

And the highlights just define him so much better

The transition from warm to cold lights

The flamer side
The front section 
With the male troopers done I detailed the lady bodyguard on the left
Those Raging Heroes models are challenging but really fun to work with
The Executioner can't be detailed yet, as she still needs the red background light from the passenger bay.
So I have to finish the interior.
The turret interior I had already completed and masked with this children's clay. And it worked like a charm :)
So I finally glued the turret together - YAY!
Looks nice on top of the superstructure.
So I took the segments apart again and based the interior in this light blue paint.
Even without details (but with the pre-painted sections) the bridge looks cool already
So I painted the pipes and cables first.
With the chipping and weathering the MG section is done :)
So this is as far as I got.
What do you think?
I really look forward to your comments, feedback and suggestions.

Thursday, October 5, 2017


Hi all,
how are you?
The work in the house is coming closer, so I'm trying to get this project done in the little time left.

After the initial light sketch and the base painting for the characters it was time to start with the THANATOS itself.
For this I closed the interior part again.
For the already painted TC I used this children's clay.
The basic urban flash camo pattern.
With details, ready for the first dirt wash.
Not clean at all :)
Some washes later it is ready for first weathering.
As you probably know I prefer the sponge method for weathering.
Based on a product from Greenstuff-World I decided to build my own "sponge-pen"
Really simple, using the foam from a blister pack.
But it works like a charm.
And I feel I have better control of the sponge than before.
Now the THANATOS looks like a tried workhorse.
And it is now ready to go back onto the stage.
The whole scene re-assembled.
And the first light effects in white.
Then the blue for the navigation lights.
The brighter blue for the landing lights.
And the flame effects.
I really like it so far.
What do you think?
Suggestions, improvements?
Anything you'd change?
Please let me know :)