Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Hi all!

Still around?
Well I hope you had some wonderful holidays and time with the family.
Now that the year is coming to a close, I want to thank you all for being part of the journey.
In 2016 my wife and I did quite some travel and met many nice people.

But I also had considerable hobby time and I was able to finish 4 projects completely this year!
In February I finished the "Raiders of the Lost Light" diorama.
That was quite lot of work and fun.
Many new thing I tired. Worked a lot with the airbrush and experimented with artificial spider webs.

In the wake of the Raiders I built the "Rumble in the Rubble" diorama.
While actually not a bad diorama it isn't as captivating as the Raiders, and lack a bit of focus.
Nevertheless a fun project.

In May I completed the "Meeting of Scouts" diorama.
This one I've built specifically for the Scale Model Addict "Big Spring Contest" and I got a "Silver" for it :)
One vehicle is based on the EPIALES family and the other is wheeled scout vehicle.

In June I finally finished the ATHENA!

Started in 2009 I spent about 12 months working on it. 
It went through many redesigns and survived one major accident (as well as it outlived 3 cats *sniff*).
I'm mighty glad I was able to finish it :)

In August we got our two cats and hobby time declined rapidly :)
But I was able to finish one Dr Who sculpture in time for Christmas (not my wife's birthday as planned)

I also have several started sculptures that would like to get some attention....

But they'll have to wait till next year :)
I have started something new - but am not sure how far I'll get with it.
Many projects ideas are percolating in the back of my head, but none is yet bursting out.

Well, last not least, Ben and Luna, are wishing you a good time.

And they keep a close eye on what's going on on my desk.

So I hope you all had a good 2016 and I wish you an even better 2017!
Have a good time.